‘Little People, Big World’: Matt and Amy Roloff’s Recent Interview Together Is Seriously Awkward

It’s hard to believe we’ve been watching Little People, Big World for 14 years. It all began with Matt and Amy Roloff, a little couple living in Oregon with their four kids and working on the family farm — but a lot has changed since the very beginning. Matt and Amy divorced years ago and now have relationships of their own, and their kids are all grown up. And during the most recent season of the show, we’re seeing a lot of tense moments between the ex-couple as they discuss the fate of Roloff Farms.

They may not always get along, but Matt and Amy are still doing interviews together to promote Little People, Big World. And a recent interview seemed particularly awkward for the both of them. Here’s what happened.

Matt and Amy expressed they both thought the other person moved on faster post-divorce

The divorce was incredibly difficult for both Matt and Amy Roloff, and Amy even expressed in the past that she couldn’t ever imagine dating again. Thankfully, they both are now in serious relationships that have helped them weather the storm of their separation. But that still doesn’t mean things are easy for Matt and Amy when it comes to dealing with each other.

During an interview with E! News, Matt and Amy were both asked by the interviewers who moved on faster — and they awkwardly both pointed to each other. “It was about the same time,” Matt added. “Our divorce took a couple years so there was kind of a dead zone in there. … I was actually surprised how quickly we got back to dating.” And even more awkward was the moment just before the pointing back and forth when Amy said she’s learned how to use her voice since the divorce. Matt and Amy engaged in light bickering back and forth until it was broken up by the interviewers.

They mentioned they don’t necessarily see their previous marriage as a ‘beautiful thing’

Matt and Amy Roloff | Stacie McChesney/NBCU Photo Bank

The awkwardness didn’t stop after the E! News interviewers brought up Matt and Amy’s new relationships. “You guys were together for almost 30 years,” said one of the interviewers. “In my mind, that’s a successful relationship, that’s a beautiful thing that you guys have built. Do you guys feel the same way?”

Instead of jumping at the opportunity to say “yes,” Matt and Amy instead stalled on the question, and Amy admitted, “Well, I think he and I would be having a difference of opinion on that.” She then tried to salvage it by saying their time spent together during their marriage brought about great things — like their kids and the farm — but Amy brought up just how difficult the divorce was her, too. This proves the separation is more of a pain-point for the ex-couple than a happy memory. “I’m just glad afterwards we can still remain … decent,” Amy concluded.

Roloff Farms was brought up in the conversation, and everyone got tense

During the current season of Little People, Big World, we’ve been hearing a ton about the future fate of Roloff Farms. It’s Matt and Amy’s business that they started together, and Matt’s ready to sell the farm and move on with his life to pursue new ventures with girlfriend Caryn Chandler. Unfortunately, Amy seems less sure about what she wants — and her indecision has caused Matt to call her “selfish.”

During the E! News interview, one of the interviewers joked, “Just don’t sell the farm … I would die if you guys sold the farm!” To that, Matt and Amy seemed unsure of what to say aside from telling their viewers that they’ll have to watch the show to find out what occurs. But the persistence of the interviewers as well as their desire to search for clues in regards to whether or not Matt and Amy really sold the property clearly had the LPBW stars squirming in their seats.

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