‘Little People, Big World’: Matt Roloff Just Got Into It With a Fan Who Accused Him of Cheating on Amy Roloff

This past season of Little People, Big World exposed some serious truths to fans who have been keeping up with the Roloff family for over a decade. Matt and Amy Roloff have been divorced for a number of years, but they were still residing on Roloff Farms property in separate homes. Not only that, but Caryn Chandler, Matt’s girlfriend, was living on the property as well — and being around Chandler was extremely difficult for Amy.

Now, Amy has completely spoken her truth regarding Matt and his girlfriend in her new memoir, A Little Me. And while fans are flocking to Instagram to accuse Matt of wrongdoings, he’s having none of it.

Matt Roloff has been dating girlfriend Caryn Chandler for years

We’ve seen Caryn Chandler on LPBW a lot in the past. We can’t forget that she and Matt met through Roloff Farms over a decade ago, too. Chandler helped out with the operations on Roloff Farms for at least 10 years, and she was also working her way up to becoming a manager of the farm. “Caryn is instrumental in running pumpkin season, she’s run it for 10 years. … There was awkwardness a little bit, but we’re all kind of finding our way,” Matt said on an episode of the show.

Since Matt knew her for so long, that means Amy was also quite familiar with Chandler before the two were dating. As Amy also said on the show, “Caryn is an employee, and is in a personal relationship with my ex-husband, and so it is still hard to invite Caryn to some of the family events. I’d rather just minimize the personal interaction. It’s not healthy for me.”

Amy Roloff alleged that Matt was cheating on her with Chandler while they were married

Matt and Amy Roloff
Matt and Amy Roloff | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

Chandler no longer works on Roloff Farms, and fans have long wondered if her awkward relationship with Amy has anything to do with it. Recently, in Amy’s memoir, A Little Me, she also shared some information about Matt and Chandler that changed the way a lot of LPBW fans felt about the couple, too. According to Amy, Matt and Chandler were pursuing a relationship together before she and Matt were even divorced.

“I saw messages, pictures, and other things that should not have been shared between people who just worked together and were still married to other people. I was devastated,” Radar Online reports Amy wrote. She also added, that she “kept quiet over the years. I didn’t even think about divorce; I didn’t want it to be an option. I’ve never felt so alone, hurt, and betrayed in my life.”

Matt Roloff just fired back at a fan on Instagram

Matt hasn’t directly said much about the allegations written in Amy’s book despite a ton of criticism presented to him via Instagram. It seems one fan did manage to get under his skin more recently, however. “This lady was dating Matt when he was still married to Amy and she’s there for the money,” one of Matt’s followers commented on this Instagram photo. To that, Matt had his own response. “You couldn’t be further the the truth [sic],” the star said.

Matt didn’t stop there, either. While more comments piled in, Matt commented back to a supporter who noted it was a good thing that less than 1% of the comments on his page were causing drama. “Thank you- Lol. I actually call it ‘the 1% ‘. too. I use that to describe that sector of society that I really feel bad for [sic],” Matt wrote back. And back to the original poster, Matt added, “Why is it so difficult to believe that people like you with less then 100 followers are even real people? Because you’re not! Lol. Bye! [sic].”

This isn’t the first time Matt has stood up for himself on social media, and it probably won’t be the last. It seems those who speak out against him should prepare themselves for the backlash.

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