‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff Refused to Compromise on This 1 Thing for Her Wedding to Zach Roloff

Many folks dream of their wedding day since they’re young, and such may also be true for Little People, Big World favorites Zach and Tori Roloff. The happy couple met on Roloff Farms years ago and fell in love after connecting, and fans were ultra excited for them and the entire Roloff family. Viewer have been watching the program since it first began in the early 2000s, and while family dynamics have changed (Matt and Amy Roloff divorced, for one thing), we’ve also adored watching the four famous kids grow up and begin lives of their own.

Now, Tori and Zach have their own child and are thriving in married life, but it turns out there was one aspect of the wedding that Tori had her heart completely set on. Here’s the one aspect of her special day that could not be compromised.

Zach and Tori Roloff married on Roloff Farms in 2015

Fans of the show remember when Zach and Tori tied the knot, as they had an ultra-sweet ceremony in July 2015 that took place on Roloff Farms, People reminds us. The wedding was traditional and tastefully “country chic,” and there were nearly 200 guests in attendance to watch the two lovebirds tie the knot. As Zach said at the time, “We’re marrying, coming together, committing ourselves to one another for a lifetime in front of all of our family and friends. We’re just super excited!”

Zach’s famous parents, Amy and Matt, were going through their divorce at the time, but they also stuck by each other and helped prepare the farm for the big day. Extra wheat fields were planted behind the gazebo to give the farm a dreamy quality, and the wedding colors, which included natural sage and yellows, complemented the outdoors perfectly. Roloff Farms proves to be a popular wedding destination for the entire family, too, as Zach’s twin brother, Jeremy, and his sister, Molly, also tied the knot there.

Tori would not compromise on their wedding cake

As a mother and a wife, Tori seems totally laid back, and fans loved watching her fall in love with Zach on the show. But there’s one aspect of the wedding she would not compromise on — and that was the cake. While Zach was seemingly excited about picking out a cake, it seems Tori had the final say, People reports. “Tori wants to have a poppy seed cake. I’m pretty sure she has her mind already made up,” Zach said at the time.

While the groom was seemingly willing to go out on a limb with a number of ideas for the wedding, he didn’t seem so sure about Tori’s cake idea. After questioning if the cake was going to be similar to the classic poppyseed muffin, Tori assured it was — but she also noted it would make the perfect wedding cake for their country-themed nuptials. Zach ended up letting her take the reins on this one, and she moved forward with her idea. They ended up having a poppyseed cake with a raspberry and chocolate ganache filling, and while it was unconventional, it was reportedly delicious.

When it comes to Zach’s dwarfism, Tori explains it doesn’t affect their marriage at all

Aside from the wedding itself, there was another question on viewers’ minds — and that was if Zach’s dwarfism affects his marriage to Tori who is of average height. Us Weekly reports Tori answered her fans’ burning questions on Instagram, and she mentioned that she doesn’t view Zach’s height as any sort of limitation. “I love my husband for his heart, not his height. Love is love is love,” she said. Tori also added that she’ll never crouch down in a photo just to be closer to Zach’s height. “For me it feels weird to crouch and Zach always told me to stand. I’m not trying to be shorter and he’s not trying to be taller,” she mentioned on Instagram.

As for what Zach and Tori are up to now, we’re looking forward to seeing them on future episodes of Little People, Big World. And fans also love following them on social media for updates on their baby son, Jackson, who also has the same type of dwarfism Zach has.

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