‘Little People, Big World’: Tori Roloff’s Instagram Followers Slammed Her For This Photo of Her Son, Jackson

No one escapes scrutiny when they’re a public figure, and Tori Roloff has had to learn that the hard way. The mom and loving wife became famous when she married Zach Roloff from Little People, Big World. Viewers have been following the Roloff family for over a decade and have loved watching all of the Roloff children grow up, find long-lasting relationships, and begin families — and when it comes to a fan favorite, Zach has always been one to watch. He stands as the only member of the family (aside from notable parents Amy and Matt) who has dwarfism, too.

Tori and Zach’s relationship was well-documented on the show, and fans got to see their wedding, Tori’s pregnancy, and now all the current updates with their child, Jackson. Not every fan is happy, though, as Tori posted a photo to Instagram in 2018 that hit a nerve. Here’s what happened.

Tori posted a photo that sparked serious backlash

Little People, Big World fans love that Tori posts so often on social media, but there was one photo that some deemed totally inappropriate. Back in April 2018, Tori posted this cute photo of Zach holding on to baby Jackson while sitting on a lawnmower. “‘It’s everything you ever want. It’s everything you ever need. And it’s here right in front of you. This is where you want to be’,” she captioned the photo. While she and Zach may have thought the photo was cute, fans assumed the lawnmower was on and she was putting the child in serious danger.

Good Housekeeping notes some of her followers really let loose in the comments section.”There’s warning signs on every riding lawnmower stating NOT to allow children to ride. It’s also in the owners manual. There’s a reason for that,” one of her followers wrote. Another said, “do you know how dangerous it is to have a baby on a large industrial lawnmower?” Tori did have a few of her fans stick up for her in the comments section as well, as one wrote, “To the haters, Jackson is their child not yours and they want to raise their son to experience some of the same things they did as a child. The mower wasn’t even on and I know Zack and Tori would never put Jackson in harm’s way.” And Tori herself went back and edited the photo so the caption would include, in all capital letters, that the mower was not running at the time the photo was taken.

She shut down her angry followers afterward in another post

While Tori edited her original post to assure her fans she would never put her child in danger, she also referenced this photo in another one of her Instagram posts. Tori posted a photo in July 2018 of Zach driving a large farming vehicle — and baby Jackson was once again along for the ride. In addition to a sweet message to Zach attached to the post, Tori added a disclaimer at the end for her haters. “Before I get ripped apart in the comments please take into consideration my husband and I would never put baby j in harms way. Kthanksenjoy,” she posted.

This time, Tori received far more encouraging words in the comments than hate. As one of her followers said, “It’s so ridiculous that you’d even have to put a disclaimer in your comments. I mean seriously people… think before you judge I mean do you actually think that Tori and Zack would but baby j in harms way?!” And many even commented on how sweet it was that Zach and Jackson were spending quality time together. “Jackson is so precious! Great picture!”

Tori has talked candidly about the struggles of parenting in the public eye more recently

One of the reasons Tori has so many fans is because she’s willing to be so open and honest about parenting on social media. Unfortunately, the negative commentary does weigh on the mom from time to time, and she’s posted about this in the past, too. On one Instagram post, she wrote how the constant mom-shaming she receives needs to stop. “This is a place where I like to be as positive as possible. There’s a lot going on in my life right now personally and I like to use my social media to brighten other’s day but unfortunately there have been days that i feel it’s doing no good,” she wrote. “My life is far from perfect. I know that and I’m okay with that. But when moms and sisters and friends and whoever start shaming each other for what they do with their kids that’s where I draw my line.”

Fans also resonated with her message that other moms should be lifting each other up, not putting each other down. We’re all wishing Tori the best of luck — and hopefully the hate can end on her Instagram once and for all.

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