‘Little People, Big World’: Was Staying on the Farm After the Divorce a Mistake for Amy Roloff?

The Roloffs have been reality TV favorites for years, though a ton has changed for the family since the beginning of Little People, Big World. We remember when Matt and Amy Roloff shared their family, their farm, and their daily lives as little people with their viewers. Now, we’re still getting an in-depth glimpse into what they’re up to — but their divorce has certainly put a damper on all the good times we remember them having together.

On the current season of the show, there’s major talk of selling Roloff Farms. Amy wanted to stay in the big house on the farm property when the divorce was still fresh, but was that choice a mistake? Here’s what’s going on.

Amy Roloff chose to live in the large house on the farm property post-divorce

Roloff family members and fans have fond memories of Roloff Farms, but now, it’s become a huge source of drama for Matt and Amy. The ex-couple are both still owners of the property, and Amy stayed in the large house post-divorce while Matt lives in a smaller home that’s also on the property. It seems Matt has much less attachment to the farm than Amy does, however. He’s discussed how much of a burden the farm has become to him over the years, and during a recent episode of the show, Good Housekeeping reminds us he was willing to split the property in two so he could sell his half and walk away from it all.

While Matt may be willing to walk away, the farm holds a lot of sentimental value for Amy. “One of the reasons I stayed in the big house [is] because that was in my best interest going through separation, divorce, and I think I needed time to say that I had a permanency, I had a place, I had something that I could hang on to, grasp, in order to figure out ‘I’m officially divorced’,” she said.

Amy and Matt Roloff are still deciding what to do with the property

Matt and Amy Roloff
Matt and Amy Roloff | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

We’re still uncertain of what will happy to Roloff Farms, but it seems Matt is willing to do whatever’s necessary to move on with his life with his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler. Good Housekeeping notes he’s mentioned he could stay on his side of the property and make that work, or if Amy wants that side (it requires a lot less maintenance than her current big house and part of the property), then Matt could take her side and sell it. He’s willing to be flexible with whatever Amy chooses — but Amy seems rife with indecision.

Despite Amy’s indecisiveness, it does seem like Matt’s already making some moves. Radar Online reports Matt sold a large piece of property near the farm for nearly $400,000 that he bought back in November 2018. There’s talk that he could have had plans of flipping the property all along and never planned to move in. Even so, it has other fans wondering if he’s doing away with his Oregon property and making a profit to buy Amy off the farm altogether.

Does Amy think keeping the house was a mistake?

During a discussion between Matt and Amy on a recent episode of LPBW, Amy talks about why she kept the farmhouse in the first place — but it’s clear she’s having second thoughts about her decision. “I look at the farmhouse property as just being a lot — as being a lot to maintain, a lot to handle,” she said to the camera. “And the older I get I don’t need life to be more complicated.” Amy also dropped this bomb to Matt: “Either way, whoever has this, it’ll end up being sold. Because it’s too big, it’s too much.”

The main house on the farm property has been Amy’s home for as long as we’ve known her, but it looks like selling it is more likely than not. We’ll have to wait and see what she decides.

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