‘Little People, Big World’: Who Are Amy Roloff’s Parents? How Old Are They?

The latest season of Little People, Big World has come to an end, and it’s hard to believe Amy’s decision regarding Roloff Farms is finally out in the open. It’s not just the fate of the farm that’s changed over the course of many seasons, either. Fans have been rocked by Matt and Amy’s divorce, Zach Roloff’s expanding family, and the other Roloffs choosing to leave the show behind, too.

Just because the season’s over doesn’t mean the Roloffs’ lives stop, however. Amy’s been posting about her parents a lot on her Instagram, and it has many fans wondering who they are.

Amy Roloff’s parents are of average height and they live in Michigan

Amy Roloff attained fame because she has a form of dwarfism (along with ex-husband Matt, son Zach, and grandson Jackson). But that doesn’t necessarily mean her parents, Gordon and Patricia Knight, are also little people. In fact, judging from photos, it appears they’re of average height. And while Amy doesn’t discuss them too often on the show, she has talked about her experiences with childhood bullying on-screen. During the conversation she had with her brother, they seemed to both agree that their parents had no idea about all the struggles Amy went through in school as a little person.

Gordon and Patricia both live in the Upper Peninsula in Michigan as well. Amy, who lives in Oregon, often posts about going “home” to Michigan to visit her parents and their cabin — and it’s clear she really enjoys spending that time with them, too.

Her mom is 86 and her dad is 90

Amy is 54 years old and has grandchildren of her own, so it’s quite lucky that she still has both parents alive, too. Her mother is 86 and her dad is 90, which is great news for Amy, as she may also have gotten those genes and can expect to live a long and healthy life.

Her dad’s turning 91 soon, too. Back in August 2018, Amy posted to Instagram to share some info about her most recent trip to Instagram that was for her father’s 90th birthday. “All of my kids and I and family were there to visit and celebrate my Dad’s 90th Birthday and my parents 65th wedding anniversary!” she wrote. “What a legacy. I miss them both all the time and hearing some of my father’s little bits of wisdom never gets old!” Not only were the Roloffs in attendance, but Amy also mentioned her boyfriend, Chris Marek, was there to celebrate her parents as well, which was a clue for many that their relationship was moving in the right direction.

Amy keeps posting about her mom’s ailing health

We may only hear about Amy’s parents when she visits them in Michigan, but she’s been posting about her mom more than ever most recently. She posted a photo to Instagram of her parents years ago with the caption, “My mom isn’t doing so well and I need to see them. Every moment is precious the older I get and the older they get.” She then posted about how she was making dinner for them “like the old days.”

Amy’s latest update makes fans hopeful her mother is getting better, too. Amy posted a photo set of her in Michigan with the caption, “Waiting to hear if she gets to come home today. She’s ready and tired of hospital food, that’s a good sign.” Amy then added that her mom’s “heart is weak” and she “gets tired easily but her mind is sharp.” And while this may not be the happiest family trip she’s had in recent times, Amy then adds that she’s doing her best to “appreciate the moments, what she can do and the days that are left.” Here’s to hoping Patricia experiences a speedy recovery!

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