‘Little People, Big World’: Who Is Jacob Roloff’s Fiancée, Isabel Rock? How Did They Meet?

When it comes to famous families that seem genuinely endearing to viewers, the Roloffs are certainly up there. We remember when we first met Amy and Matt Roloff, a married couple with dwarfism, over a decade ago on Little People, Big World — and fans were instantly interested in their family dynamics. The Roloff kids — Molly, Jacob, Zach, and Jeremy — are now all grown with partners and lives of their own, but there continues to be one member of the family fans are interested in. That’s the black sheep, Jacob.

Jacob has publicly condemned the show in the past for portraying his family in a dishonest light, and he’s always had different opinions of the program from his siblings. While he won’t ever return to LPBW again, we are interested in his fiancée he features all over his Instagram, Isabel Rock. Here’s what we know about her.

It’s believed Jacob and Isabel met through their art

It’s no secret Jacob left production with a bang. We remember when he posted his reasoning for leaving the show on his Instagram back in 2016 — and fans have been interested in what he’s been up to since then. Judging from his postings, it appears he’s quite the active writer, as he’s already created two books, Verbing and Out to See. In Touch Weekly notes he wrote in regards to Verbing, “This is my exploratory experiment with writing to get my feet wet with the process and establish the subject(s) I would like to write on in the future.”

While fans are still unsure of exactly how Jacob and Isabel met, it seems likely that their art brought them together. From the looks of Isabel’s Instagram, she’s a visual artist, and she’s also discussed her love of photography in the past. We imagine she and Jacob crossed paths for their shared interest in the subject and quickly fell in love from there. They also have a website together where they share their art with the world titled Rock & Roloff.

Their wedding is set for 2019

Isabel and Jacob keep their relationship relatively private, but according to People, we do finally know when their wedding is going to be. The publication notes they’re set to marry in September 2019. Isabel announced their wedding date in an emotional Instagram post about how she was feeling overwhelmed with the business of her life and the changes that were taking place. As she said, “Planning a wedding, going back to school, finding a place to live that fits us and gives us a sense of community, always fixing our beloved van, while also trying to manage an art business has felt a wee bit overwhelming for me at times.”

As for when they got engaged, People reminds us Jacob asked for Isabel’s hand in marriage while they were on a trip to Iceland at the end of 2017. In an Instagram post in the beginning of 2018, Jacob announced, “we got ENGAGED! It happened in Iceland on the frozen pond, Tjörnin, late on Christmas.” The announcement came less than a half a year after older sister Molly Roloff tied the knot as well.

Does she get along with the rest of the Roloffs?

While Isabel has managed to fly somewhat under the radar for LPBW fans, we do know that she seems incredibly close with her family. In Touch Weekly notes she often posts about her dad and brother Nico. And though her mother passed from breast cancer back in 2014, fans see a lot of posts about their relationship as well, which appeared to be very tight.

Jacob’s had a rocky relationship with his family through his teen years and early adulthood, but now that he’s had some space from the show, fences seem to be mending. As for Isabel, she seems to get along very well with the Roloffs, too. The publication notes she’s often seen hanging out with Jeremy and Audrey’s Roloff’s baby girl, Ember, and we frequently see her in many of the Roloff family photos around the holidays as well. We’re excited to see what married life brings to Isabel, Jacob, and the rest of the Roloffs in the future.

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