‘Little People, Big World’: Who Will Get Remarried First, Matt or Amy Roloff?

Little People, Big World has become a favorite reality TV series for millions over the years, and it’s all because we can’t get enough of the Roloff family. It all began with Matt and Amy Roloff, two little people who were married for nearly 30 years and who also share four children and duties on Roloff Farms. Unfortunately, their relationship didn’t last forever, as they divorced back in 2016. And while they both didn’t seem too hopeful that they would find meaningful romance post-divorce, they both have surprised themselves by maintaining new relationships.

There’s been speculation that both Matt and Amy are engaged again — and while that doesn’t seem to be true, it does have fans wondering who will get remarried first. Here’s what we think.

Amy and her boyfriend, Chris, seem completely obsessed with each other

People recalls when Amy said she would never be dating again after her divorce. And even when Amy first met Chris Marek, it wasn’t necessarily love at first sight, either. But after he asked her on a date to go ride on his motorcycle with him, she knew he was someone she could see herself in a relationship with. On their motorcycle date, fans remember when Amy was totally smitten with Chris, as she said, “I want to get to know him. I find him attractive, I find him interesting, and I would hope that, you know, maybe he finds, you know, that in me a little bit.” And we know now he was equally as excited to get to know her, as they celebrated two years together in September 2018.

Amy shared this photo of her and Chris with her Instagram followers to celebrate the big two-year milestone. “Anniversary! What? Where did two years go? It’s been a wonderful adventurous and full of lovely special moments of dating with this guy,” she captioned the post. And the followers are loving her posts of Chris as well. As one commented, “You guys are so beautiful together!!!”

Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn, are also taking things to the next level

It isn’t just Amy who’s totally in love. Matt’s been seeing his current girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, for quite some time now as well — and both Matt and Amy knew Caryn for years before she was dating Matt. Caryn works on Roloff Farms as a manager and allegedly helps immensely during pumpkin season, the farm’s busiest time. She met the Roloffs through her farm work, of course, and she began dating Matt shortly after his divorce from Amy.

The relationship between Caryn and Matt hasn’t always sat well with Amy, and fans have taken note of everything Amy’s said about the romance in the past. Either way, all signs point to the two lovebirds getting ultra-serious, as Radar Online reports Matt bought some property many believe he’ll use to build a home for him and Caryn. The two of them even have their own vacation home that they visit — and fans wouldn’t be too surprised if they decided to leave the show and the farm all behind so they can go off to have their own life and adventure.

Who will get married first? It’s totally a toss-up

So, who will tie the knot first, Matt or Amy? Engagement rumors have swirled around both couples — and while Amy said she would likely never date again, it was also Matt who said he might date, but he’d never remarry. People reports he insisted he “definitely would not get married again,” which leads many to believe that Amy would assuredly take a trip down the aisle first. Not only that, but Amy also has this adorable photo of her and Chris in the same spot on Roloff Farms where all of her children tied the knot — and many believed that was a sign an engagement was near.

We can’t count Matt out of the wedding game, however. The Hollywood Gossip notes after Caryn shared a photo of her and Matt cozying up around last holiday season, many questioned whether they were getting ready for marriage. Caryn said “not yet” — but the “yet” implies there could be some hope for fans.

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