‘Little People, Big World’: Why Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff’s Relationship Isn’t as Perfect as it Seems

When Little People, Big World started airing on TLC in 2006, fans were immediately captivated. Viewers got the chance to look inside the lives of married couple Matt and Amy Roloff who both have dwarfism. They didn’t let their condition stop them from achieving their dreams and starting a family, however, and the show also introduced us to their four kids. Jeremy and Zach, who are twins, have two feet of height difference between them, as Jeremy is of average height and Zach was born with dwarfism like his parents.

Now, fast forward 12 years and Jeremy is married to Audrey Roloff. The two now have a daughter, are more devoted to each other than ever, and appear to have it all — but they may not be as bulletproof as you think. Here’s where things have gone wrong in the past.

The couple struggled through their long-distance relationship

Jeremy and Audrey Roloff
Jeremy and Audrey Roloff | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram

When it comes to Audrey and Jeremy’s relationship, it definitely wasn’t love at first sight, says Good Housekeeping. They met when they were in college in 2010 and were set up on a blind date via a friend — and they both admitted everything was awkward at first. They remained friends for a number of years, but Jeremy kept pursuing. Several years later, by the time the two actually started dating, they entered a long-distance relationship for three years — but it was the distance that nearly broke them.

Romper notes Jeremy wrote in his book, A Love Letter Life: Pursue Creatively, Date Intentionally, Love Faithfully,”[Maintaining a long-distance relationship] was really difficult for us. … Audrey almost ended our love story.” We know now the couple made it through the distance and married, but even so, things were off to a rocky start.

Audrey believes Satan tried to sabotage their marriage

Jeremy Roloff with wife Audrey
Jeremy Roloff with wife Audrey | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram

Inquistr notes after Jeremy and Audrey married, they moved to Los Angeles — but the move really tested the beginning of their marriage. During a podcast, Audrey noted that while unloading their mattress, she rolled her ankle and fractured her leg in two places. She had to delay starting a new job and had to deal with a broken leg for over two months — and that was just the beginning. Jeremy and Audrey also discovered none of the utilities were working in the home, so they had to relocate to a hotel temporarily. The medical bills on top of the moving costs became astronomical.

Audrey has explained she thinks they were under a “spiritual attack.” She added, “I don’t think satan is creative. He’s not. And what easier way for him to attack a newlywed couple then through health and finances.”

Jeremy and Audrey chose to leave the show completely

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff
Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff from “Little People, Big World” | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram

We know now that Jeremy and Audrey are no longer a part of Little People, Big World. And while a large part of this decision came down to wanting to pursue other lifelong dreams, Jeremy has mentioned navigating family relationships became tough over the years. In Touch Weekly explains Jeremy said the show started out as one family back in 2006 — but since both he and his other family members have gone on to create their own families, the entire dynamic of the show changed completely.

There’s also Audrey’s perspective to consider. Not only did she also watch the show’s dynamic shift, but she reportedly wasn’t a huge fan of the camera crews herself. In Touch Weekly notes Audrey revealed in a recent podcast that she never got used to being filmed all the time — and she was particularly worried about the filming of her wedding day. While she allowed some cameramen to capture her wedding, she also said, “I didn’t want that to ruin the intimacy of the day. I didn’t want it to take away for my friends and family being able to just be themselves.” Luckily, she was able to compromise and have her dream wedding day while still allowing some of it to be filmed.

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