‘Little People, Big World’: Why Some Fans Are Concerned About Jeremy Roloff’s Parenting Skills

When TLC’s Little People, Big World first hit our TV screens in 2006, we all got a chance to take a glimpse into the inner workings of the Roloff family. It all started with Matt and Amy Roloff, two parents of four who also happen to have dwarfism. Only one of their children, Zach, has the same condition, while their other three kids — including Zach’s twin, Jeremy — are of average height.

Over a decade later and we’re still watching the Roloff family on TV, though their family dynamics are much different. Matt and Amy are divorced, though they’re still on good terms, and Jeremy Roloff married and had a baby with his longtime partner, Audrey. Now, Audrey and Jeremy have chosen to leave the show — but fans are still keeping up with the couple to see what they’re up to. And it seems not everyone is happy with Jeremy’s parenting skills.

Audrey and Jeremy are leaving the show to focus on their family

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff
Audrey and Jeremy Roloff | Audrey Roloff via Instagram

We remember watching Audrey and Jeremy wed on Little People, Big World, and we also got a glimpse into their lives as parents of baby Ember. Jeremy announced in July 2018, however, that he made the decision last year that the current season they were in would be the last one he and Audrey would a part of. While he encouraged his family members to continue the show, it was clear he wanted to take some time for his own wife and daughter away from the cameras.

Good Housekeeping notes the birth of their his first child was a major factor in why Jeremy wanted to stop doing the show. In his Instagram story, he detailed how he wanted to focus on his many entrepreneurial projects and his daughter from this moment forward.

Fans thought Jeremy wasn’t helping Audrey enough with the baby

Jeremy and Ember Roloff
Jeremy and Ember Roloff | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram

Jeremy leaving the show to focus on Audrey and Ember is sweet — but not every fan has been impressed by what they’ve seen of Jeremy’s parenting. In Touch Weekly notes in an episode of Little People, Big World that aired in May, Audrey seemed to be taking care of Ember to the point of exhaustion. She also mentioned to her husband that the doctor mentioned that she needed to sleep more — and fans took this as a slight hint that Jeremy didn’t to step up his parenting skills for the sake of her health and sanity.

Other fans pointed out that while Jeremy has plenty of fun Instagram videos and photos of him playing with Ember, Audrey seems to be the one doing all the hard work. And even more stress was placed on Audrey’s shoulders when she revealed she was having trouble breastfeeding — a practice she found vital to her relationship with her daughter. Hopefully Jeremy was helping behind the scenes more than fans witnessed.

Jeremy will likely be the ‘fun’ dad while Audrey will be the stricter parent

Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff
Jeremy Roloff and Audrey Roloff from “Little People, Big World” | Jeremy Roloff via Instagram

It’s certain Jeremy loves his daughter — and a difference in parenting style may be why it seems like Audrey is the more protective and nurturing of the two. Us Weekly explains they grew up in totally different family environments, too. While Audrey’s parents were strict, Jeremy reportedly had a ton of freedom — and being too overbearing or disciplinary is a big fear of his.

“For me, specifically, just parenting in the sense of discipline when they start getting older and that just makes me nervous because you can do it really, really right and you can also do it really, really wrong,” Jeremy told Us Weekly. And viewers have also commented on what they see in Jeremy and Audrey as dad and mom. “I see Jer becoming like his dad where he’s the ‘fun’ parent while Auj is the responsible one like Amy,” In Touch Weekly reports one fan mentioned.

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