‘Little People, Big World’: Will Zach and Tori Roloff’s Second Child Also Have Dwarfism?

We’ve been watching the Roloff family for years on Little People, Big World, and while a lot has changed over the years, Zach Roloff has still remained a fan favorite. We know him best for being Matt and Amy Roloff’s only son with a form of dwarfism (his twin, Jeremy, is of average height). And now, he’s all grown up with his wife, Tori, and his young son, Jackson.

A lot’s about to seriously change in the Roloff family, too, as Tori just announced she’s pregnant. Will Zach and Tori’s second child have dwarfism like Jackson does? Here’s what we know.

Tori Roloff just announced she’s expecting a baby girl next November

Little People, Big World fans have been speculating for awhile now when it comes to when Tori and Zach would be expanding their family. Recently on the show, the two celebrated their wedding anniversary and talked about the possibility of having more kids. “Iā€™m starting to get baby fever again,” she told Zach — and to that, Zach said, “Well, you let me know.”

It seems the time has finally come. Tori just announced on Instagram that they’re expecting a baby girl later this year. “Zachary and I are so excited to announce that Jackson is going to be a big brother! We are expecting a sweet baby girl this November!” she captioned the post. And fans as well as the rest of the Roloffs are showing how ecstatic they are to hear the news. As Amy Roloff commented, “My heart is full of so much love over this. This grandma is so happy and for you both!”

Tori and Zach’s son, Jackson, has achondroplasia

Now that Tori’s pregnant, fans have a ton of questions. We know Jackson, who just turned 2, has achondroplasia. This is the same type of dwarfism that affects Zach, Heavy notes. While Jackson was born the same size as the average baby, he’ll have abnormal bone growth that results in disproportionally shorter limbs as he ages. And the publication also notes that Tori and Zach had an indication that Jackson would be born with the condition based off of the ultrasound results.

In Touch Weekly notes Tori admitted during her pregnancy with Jackson that the thought of raising a child with dwarfism was slightly worrisome, but she knew she was prepared to love “whatever pops out.” Zach was also ready to take on the challenge of raising a child with dwarfism. “You have to encourage a dwarf child a little more because it will take them five steps to do what others can do in two,” he said at the time.

What are the odds the new baby will also have dwarfism?

Will the Roloffs have another baby with dwarfism, or is their little girl more likely to be of average height? Heavy notes the chances of Jackson being a little person were 50%, so their next child will also have the same odds. Either way, we know Zach and Tori will be loving parents.

When will we find out if their little girl has a form of dwarfism? We’re not so sure, though In Touch Weekly notes Tori said she found out for sure about Jackson’s condition at 34 weeks. And since both Jackson and Zach have the same form of dwarfism, we’re sure her doctor will be looking out for the condition via ultrasound, too. As for when fans might find out, it could take awhile, as Tori and Zach chose to keep the pregnancy out of the public eye for the first few months and often choose to keep certain aspects of their lives private.

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