‘Little People, Big World’: Zach Roloff Reveals His Childhood was a Lot Easier Than Mom Amy Roloff’s

The Roloffs have been favorites on reality TV for over a decade, and it’s tough to believe Little People, Big World has been on our screens for 14 years. We’ve learned all about Matt and Amy Roloff, the once-married little couple who raised their four kids together and took care of the family business, Roloff Farms. A lot has changed since the beginning, however, and now, their son Zach Roloff is more in the spotlight than ever before.

Zach is the only one of his three siblings who has a form of dwarfism like his parents. And recently, he realized Amy had a way more difficult childhood than he did. Here’s what happened.

Amy Roloff recently opened up about being bullied as a kid

Lately, Amy’s main focus has been on her kids, her grandchildren, her boyfriend, and figuring out what to do with Roloff Farms. It’s rare for audiences to see Amy crumble or appear vulnerable on camera. But more recently, she was speaking to her brother, her boyfriend, Chris, and Zach about what her childhood was really like — and she exposed some sad truths fans had no idea about.

In this clip from TLC, Amy’s seen talking to her brother about the relentless bullying she endured through her youth. “Things from your childhood can affect you for the rest of your life,” she told the cameras. “And I know it’s affected me for a long, long time, allowing other peoples’ opinions and thoughts matter more than what I truly thought about myself.” At the end of the clip, Amy is also seen crying, proving the bullying really did get the best of her throughout her life. “I’ve gotten less hard on myself but I know growing up it was, you know, not good.”

Zach Roloff mentioned he never experienced the same hardships

Bullying is a huge issue for many folks, especially those who appear slightly different than their peers. Fortunately, Zach Roloff never had to go through the intense scrutiny that Amy did. Zach’s seen in the same TLC clip listening to his mother speak about her past trauma, and he notes that he experienced some level of teasing, but it was never to any greater extent or by any one person. He also notes that going to private school instead of public probably helped him, too.

As Zach told the cameras, “I’ve never dealt with anything like that. … It wasn’t like I showed up to school every day and the same kid was there ready to go.” He also noted that having Roloff Farms also served as a retreat from society at large for him. “You’re getting away from the town, you’re getting away from the city. You have space to breathe.”

Zach hopes to raise his son with all the same encouragement he had

Zach’s son, Jackson, also has a form of dwarfism — but Zach is raising him in a loving home with wife Tori Roloff, and they hope that Jackson can see that being a little person doesn’t have to hold him back from achieving his dreams. Heavy reports that Tori admitted knowing Jackson would be different from his peers was scary, however. “It’s a big deal. It is scary. No parent wants to hear that their child is different, no matter what,” she said. But she’ll always be supportive and patient with Jackson no matter what.

“Whatever he wants to do, we’re going to find a way to help him do it. That’s our job in life now … it’s part of the whole package of who he is. He’s happy and healthy. That’s all that matters,” Zach also told People regarding his son. We’re excited to watch Jackson grow up on screen (and perhaps see even more children from Zach and Tori in the future, too).

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