Lizzo Just Got Emotional About the Cost of Fame

Over the last couple of years, Lizzo has been catapulted into the fame stratosphere. From her iconic songs like ‘Tempo” and “Truth Hurts,” the Detroit-born singer is a three-time Grammy Award winner and a world-class flute player.

Lizzo has also used her platform to speak out about body-positivity and mental health while uplifting Black women specifically. Now, she’s getting emotional about the jarring costs of fame.

Lizzo | Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images

Lizzo says she got addicted to seeing herself wearing makeup

Like many of us, Lizzo has dealt with various feels surrounding her body image. Wearing makeup and plush gowns all of the time actually took a toll on her self confidence. The Cuz I Love You singer said that at one point, she even felt like she was unattractive without makeup.

“We get addicted to seeing ourselves really dolled up,” she told People. “I had a few days off in Brazil back in February where I wasn’t in makeup and I remember being like, ‘Yo why am I so ugly to myself right now?’ It’s because I got addicted, used to seeing my face with contour. I never thought that would happen because I’m such an earthy b*tch, I can go days without makeup!’”

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Lizzo is focusing on self-love

Though Lizzo has hinted at her personal life, especially in her various hit songs, for now, she’s keeping her romantic life to herself and focusing on self-love. She told Entertainment Weekly,

Self-love isn’t being delusional.… Every day I have to remind myself to look in the physical mirror, the emotional mirror, the spiritual mirror. But I don’t go, ‘Do I look like this model or this actress?’ I have to hold myself to my own standards. So am I the Lizzo that I looked like last year when I was on my juice cleanse and working out six times a week with my trainer? No. But am I a bad b*tch? Yes!

Lizzo got emotional about the cost of fame

Still, like everyone else, Lizzo has her good days and her bad days. Living your life out on the global stage is certainly not an easy feat. During a recent TikTok video, the “Truth Hurts” singer urged her fans to focus on the inner work. She revealed that money and fame are great, but it certainly doesn’t heal past hurts or pain. She said on TikTok via  Cosmopolitan UK reports

Hey, I’m just logging on to say you can be like, the coolest, most richest person ever and it doesn’t buy you f*cking happiness. Money doesn’t buy you happiness. Fame only puts a magnifying glass on the sh*t that you already have. And if that s*it is f*cked up, you’re just going to have even more magnified, f*cked-up sh*t in situations where it doesn’t even seem valid, or like, you’re even like, supposed to feel that way, and so it f*cks you up even more because you feel super fu*king ungrateful.

Lizzo got emotional as she revealed she wasn’t having the best day, but she wanted to make sure her fans and supporters knew they aren’t alone. “I’m working on it too but today is just not a good day,” she said. “And I just want everybody to know that it’s OK to not have a good day even when it seems like you should.”