Lizzo Has the Best Clap Back to Haters on Social Media

Lizzo is the artist of the moment and isn’t showing any signs of relinquishing that title. The rapper only achieved mainstream success within the past several years but she has spent a long time in the music industry, perfecting her performances and musicianship.

One reason why fans love Lizzo so much is her habit of always keeping it real with people and the effortless way in which she promotes self-love.

Keep reading to learn why Lizzo is so hot right now and the hilarious clap back that she recently served to social media haters.

When did Lizzo become famous?

Lizzo on the red carpet
Lizzo | Axelle/Bauer-Griffin/FilmMagic

Born in 1988 in Michigan, Lizzo and her family moved to Houston, Texas, when she was ten years old. Her stage name, Lizzo, is a derivative of her birth name, Melissa Viviane Jefferson.

As a teenager, Lizzo became interested in music and when she was fourteen, she formed a musical group called the Cornrow Clique with a few of her school friends. However, her interests weren’t confined to one musical style, and she went on to study classical music at the University of Houston. She focused on the flute, which would become a major prop at her later onstage performances.

In 2011, Lizzo moved to Minnesota and formed another musical group called the Chalice. With the Chalice, she released an album in 2012 that received good reviews from local critics.

Ultimately, she decided to pursue a career as a solo artist and in 2013, she released her debut album, “Lizzobangers.” Over the next several years, Lizzo toured and worked on her craft, perfecting the onstage style that would later become so well-known.

It was in 2019 that she experienced her major commercial breakthrough, with songs such as “Juice” and “Truth Hurts” becoming smash hits.

Why is Lizzo so popular?

Undoubtedly, fans love Lizzo for her talent. She is well-versed in many different musical styles and is an excellent singer as well as a rapper. She is very body-positive, and always tells her fans, both at stage shows and in interviews, how important it is to love yourself.

Lizzo has admitted that she had issues with her body when she was a child but now that she has managed to overcome them, she has become an advocate for positivity. 

Lizzo also loves glamour and doesn’t miss out on an opportunity to wear fabulous outfits. She is a model for Urban Decay Cosmetics and often appears in many different magazine photoshoots. Lizzo is very sassy and speaks up for herself, with no time to spare for bullies on social media.

What was Lizzo’s recent clap back?

On the late-night talk show, Jimmy Kimmel Live, one of the most popular segments is the “Mean Tweets” one, where celebrities read mean tweets from critics. Recently, Lizzo appeared on the segment, reading out a tweet that said, “Lizzo. Bus passes and happy meals. Two things that I imagine Lizzo has seen a lot of.”

After reading the tweet, Lizzo looked into the camera and said, “yeah, I ride a bus. A TOUR bus. Where’s yours?” Her reply earned a big laugh from the audience, and no doubt that hater who sent the tweet felt a little bit of shame.

After all, Lizzo has experienced her share of difficult times before really making it as an artist and doesn’t really have anything to prove to anyone — least of all a social media troll. Up next for Lizzo: her debut appearance on Saturday Night Live on December 21st, alongside guest host Eddie Murphy!