Lizzo’s Favorite Hangover Meal Is Plant-Based — Here’s How to Make It

Lizzo is one of the hottest young stars in the music industry, best known for catchy songs like “Juice” and “Truth Hurts.” Lizzo has been working in music for years but skyrocketed to fame in 2019, starring in movies and performing on the world’s biggest stages.

Lizzo is an icon for women of all ages and sizes, and she works hard to promote inclusivity in the entertainment business. Recently, Lizzo adopted a whole new diet and lifestyle, and opened up to her fans, revealing the one recipe that she always turns to in order to help cure a tough hangover. 

How did Lizzo become a star?

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Lizzo was born in Detroit, Michigan, in 1988, but spent the majority of her childhood in Houston, Texas. She showed an early affinity for music and started performing in groups with her friends when she was very young.

Lizzo also became a talented musician as well as a singer, learning how to expertly play the flute. To this day, she utilizes the flute in her onstage performances to great effect.

After a few years of playing with different groups, Lizzo finally broke into the music industry in 2013, releasing her first studio album. While her album received positive reviews, and encouraged the young singer to release a follow-up in 2015, she didn’t quite break into the big time.

In fact, it wasn’t until early 2019 that Lizzo’s song, “Truth Hurts” became a viral hit, topping the charts and inspiring fans. 

What does Lizzo eat in a day?

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One of the things that has made Lizzo so popular is the fact that she is always open with her fans about the importance of self-love. Lizzo’s confidence and determination has definitely contributed to her meteoric rise to fame, and even though the COVID-19 pandemic has sidelined the artist’s live shows and concerts, she will certainly be out and about when it is safe to do so.

Recently, she shared that she decided to adopt a vegan lifestyle. “Every journey is personal & deserves to be celebrated,” she captioned one of her TikTok videos, suggesting that she started the new lifestyle for all the right reasons.

She also revealed a few of her favorite meals, which include a plant-based breakfast smoothie, and kale and red cabbage salad, and hummus for healthy snacking. When she craves something sweet, she indulges in peanut butter and jelly smoothie, made with protein powder and frozen strawberries. 

Lizzo’s favorite hangover meal

Lots of people turn to super-unhealthy snacks when nursing a hangover, such as chips or cookie dough. However, Lizzo has found a way to treat her hangover while still staying on track with her vegan lifestyle.

Recently, the singer shared a video of her favorite hangover meal on TikTok. To make the meal, she starts with a base of vegan carne asada, with corn and black beans. She mixes in an egg substitute, and then adds spinach. Finally, she seasons the dish with garlic powder and smoked paprika and tops the whole thing with vegan pepper jack cheese.

For the perfect addition to her meal, Lizzo adds a side of vegan bacon. She suggested that her followers cook their bacon in maple syrup, to make it extra crispy and sweet.

While the finished meal might not look terribly appealing, there’s no doubt that it is hearty and can satisfy the most healthy appetite. Hopefully, as Lizzo progresses in her vegan journey, she will continue to share more of her favorite meals with her fans.