‘Long Island Medium’: Are Theresa Caputo and Ex-Husband Larry Still Talking?

It’s hard not to love Theresa Caputo and her family. The Long Island Medium star claims she’s blessed with the gift of speaking with the dead — and thanks to TLC, we get to see her utilize that gift first hand. We’ve watched Theresa walk up to strangers on the street when a spirit starts nagging her, and it always results in an incredible discovery for both the unsuspecting passerby and Theresa herself.

While the show typically focuses on Theresa’s ability to connect with spirit, more recently, drama has come to the forefront for the Caputo family. And fans couldn’t believe when Theresa announced she and her husband, Larry, were getting a divorce. Now, months later, we’re all wondering if the two of them are even speaking to each other at all. Here’s what we know.

Theresa filed for divorce from Larry in April 2018

Fans have watched Larry Caputo for as long as they’ve watched Theresa, so it was a shock when the couple announced their separation. Sadly, People notes that Theresa filed for divorce on April 16, 2018 — and they’ve been working through the process ever since. And prior to their official announcement, the two were living on opposite coasts before totally calling it quits. As the couple noted in a joint statement to the publication, “After 28 years of marriage, we have decided to legally separate. We will always love each other and our two wonderful children. We are united in supporting each other and our family.”

Long Island Medium viewers were particularly shocked by Theresa and Larry’s divorce given how long the two were together. Country Living notes they were married for 28 years and first met when they worked together at an oil company. And while Larry has noted in the past that he never expected he’d actually marry Theresa, they eventually tied the knot and had two kids together. Unfortunately, time and Theresa’s busy schedule caused them to drift apart. “I’ve changed and he has changed. We’re both not happy, and, you know, it’s hard to try to work through that,” she mentioned on an episode of the show.

She’s currently working on herself while Larry is dating someone else

Now that Larry and Theresa are officially over, we’re all wondering what the two are up to. Bustle notes over the summer, Larry mentioned to TMZ that he had totally moved on from his marriage. “I’m fortunate to say that I have met someone special,” Larry said. “But I’ll just leave it for that now.” As for who the mystery woman was, fans are convinced it’s Connie Stauddy. The two met awhile back when Connie reached out to Theresa for a reading. Since then, it appears she’s kept in contact with Larry, as the two were photographed shopping together in Alabama.

As for Theresa, she’s not dating anyone new yet — and she’s not too determined to find a man right now, either. Bravo TV reports a source told Us Weekly, “Theresa is now living life and exploring solo … she’s figuring herself [out] and it’s a whole world of adventure. Theresa is much happier separated from her husband, Larry.” She also joked to E! News, “Let me finish getting divorced and then you can look for me on Tinder. How’s that?”

Are the two still on speaking terms?

Everyone’s wondering if Larry and Theresa communicate at all anymore post-split — and it appears they do. Bravo TV mentions on the preview for the new season of Long Island Medium, Theresa and Larry saw each other a year after splitting so they could have an honest discussion about their lives post-divorce. There was clearly no malice between the two, and during an interview with Access Live, Theresa mentioned, “It was nice not to just, you know, text him or talk quickly on the phone, [but] to actually see him and get together, so, you know, we’re in a good place. We’re separated, but we’re in a good place.”

The two have also mentioned that they’ll continue to communicate, as they’ve remained friendly. And we’re sure it’s for the good of their two adult children as well.

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