‘Long Island Medium’ Fans Think Theresa Caputo’s Ex-Husband, Larry, Looks Better Than Ever Now

Theresa Caputo is back with an all-new season of Long Island Medium, and TLC fans can’t wait to see what she’s up to now. As most know, Theresa first gained fame for her ability to talk to the dead, and she would approach strangers in public to tell them a deceased loved one was reaching out to them through her. Not only do we love Theresa for her amazing gift, but her personality, long nails, and big hair are also part of her charm.

Through the years, we’ve gotten to know all the Caputos, including Larry. Theresa and Larry were married for decades before they separated, and they’ve since gone their own way. Now, Larry’s Instagram followers think he’s starting to look better than ever post-divorce.

Theresa and Larry Caputo divorced after nearly 30 years of marriage

When Long Island Medium first started, no one expected Theresa and Larry Caputo to ever divorce. The two met each other when Theresa worked for Larry’s family’s oil company as a customer service representative. Though Larry is 11 years older than Theresa, the two hit it off and were together for over 30 years.

Sadly for fans, their love story came to an end in 2017. “[We’re] working and finding our place. We’ve been together for a very long time. And people change. We all change,” Theresa said in an episode of the show.

Larry also spoke about their separation. “We’re having a difficult time. I think a lot of the frustration has to do with us not spending the time together anymore,” he said. He then added that divorcing Theresa felt like “losing your best friend.”

The exes put out a joint statement regarding their divorce, too. “We shared 28 wonderful years together and have two beautiful children, Larry Jr. and Victoria. We will continue to support each other and remain friends,” they told People.

Fans thought Larry looked ‘heartbroken’ after the separation

Theresa told the cameras how difficult the divorce was for her, but Larry also had an extremely difficult time with it. In a clip from the show, he talks to the cameras about the separation they went through prior to deciding to divorce. “It’s a difficult thing to do, but this will give us a good idea of where our relationship is going,” Larry said. “Naturally I speak with my children … and I know this is hard for them.” Larry is then seen breaking down in front of the cameras. “And I feel bad that they have to be put through this also.”

Fans commented on the clip and noted how upset Larry appears to be. “Broke my heart seeing Larry brake down [sic],” one follower commented. Another wrote, “he looks loss, deppressed, sad… heartbroken!!! hope god guide both of you [sic].” Yet another added, “When he started crying I was over.”

Larry’s Instagram followers think he looks great now

'WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE' featuring Larry Caputo
‘WATCH WHAT HAPPENS LIVE’ featuring Larry Caputo | Charles Sykes/Bravo/NBCU Photo Bank via Getty Images

Larry had to take plenty of time to grieve the loss of the relationship, as did Theresa. But the two still keep in touch and appear to be on good terms. It looks like Larry is starting to look happier and healthier now that he’s moved out to California, too. He’s been posting more photos of his life to Instagram, lately — and he’s been getting back into shape after seemingly losing weight from the divorce.

He posted a photo of his upper body after a day of rock climbing, and fans went wild. “Wow!!! Looking good Larry!” one follower commented. Another added, “You look Amazing!!” and many others commented on Larry’s muscle definition.

Larry’s also been posting about some family affairs as well. His daughter’s fiancé recently had a birthday, and Larry made a post celebrating the day. All in all, it looks like Larry continues to spend time with his family and friends while also making the gym a priority. We’re hoping he’s finding happiness despite his rocky past!

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