‘Long Island Medium’: Is Theresa Caputo’s Son, Larry Caputo Jr., Married?

TLC fans have been keeping up with the Caputo family since 2011 thanks to Long Island MediumIt all started with Theresa Caputo, the Long Island native with huge hair, long nails, and a talent for speaking with the dead. While many have questioned the legitimacy of Theresa’s gift, her warm, genuine nature turned us all into believers — and we can’t wait to see what she does next.

As for the rest of the Caputo’s, we’ve also had a chance to see them grow up over the years on screen. And though we don’t see much of Theresa’s kids on the show anymore, we’re all wondering what Larry Caputo Jr. is up to — and whether he’s married to his long-time girlfriend.

We remember Larry Jr. when he was just a kid on Long Island Medium

Theresa’s son is reportedly just 25 years old — so when the show began in 2011, that would make young Larry Jr. a mere 18. And while fans certainly watched the program to get a glimpse of Theresa’s incredible gift in action, she also made sure we saw plenty of her kids. During one interview with TLC, Larry Jr. even took center stage to answer some questions about what it was like living with a medium for a mother.

When a fan asked how he felt when Theresa would start giving a spiritual reading to a stranger on the street, he had a funny response. “There’s nothing more annoying at first when someone you know — your mother — interrupts somebody’s day with personal questions,” Larry Jr. started. “It’s embarrassing. But the reactions the people have after the fact … it’s something that you have to be there to experience yourself to really explain the joy that she really does bring to people on a daily basis.” It’s clear he knew his mom was doing good, meaningful work, even in his younger years — and he’s definitely still supportive and proud of her to this day.

He’s not yet married to his girlfriend, Leah Munch


Larry Jr. isn’t just a kid on a TLC show anymore. Now, he’s established a life of his own and seems to be doing quite well. According to Heavy, he’s not yet married to his long-time girlfriend, Leah Munch — but Theresa has certainly brought up the idea of engagement in the past.

As for how Leah and Larry Jr. met, the publication notes they both attended the College of Mount Saint Vincent, a liberal arts college in the Bronx. Larry Jr. graduated from the school with a degree in communication and media studies, and today he works for Madison Square Garden Networks, Inc. As for Leah, she evidently still works at the college.

We’re not sure if the couple has made future plans at all — but judging from Larry Jr.’s Instagram, it appears his relationship with Leah could be headed in a more serious direction. We’re sure Theresa would be thrilled with the idea of a daughter-in-law, too.

He’s been taking a step out of the spotlight over the years

There’s a good chance we’ll hear of any engagement news regarding Larry Jr. through Theresa — but aside from the very famous medium, we’re not sure if Larry Jr. will be featured further on the show or not. Good Housekeeping explains Theresa has told her producers that her kids aren’t on the show as much as they used to be because they’re all focusing on their own lives now. “In all fairness, I mean, look our lives are all so different,” Theresa said. “When we started Long Island Medium, little Larry just graduated college, Victoria just graduated high school. You know, they’re growing up. Larry lives in the city now. Victoria now too.”

We’re all wishing the Caputo family the best of luck — and hopefully, if (or when) Larry Jr. gets engaged, we’ll get to see parts of the wedding on TV.

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