‘Long Island Medium’ Recalls the Moment She Knew She Could Talk to the Dead

The Long Island Medium, Theresa Caputo shared the moment she knew without a doubt that she could communicate with the dead.

Long Island Madam Theresa Caputo visits The X Change Rate
Long Island Madam Theresa Caputo visits The X Change Rate | Gary Gershoff/Getty Images

Caputo made the revelation on the Life is Short with Justin Long podcast. She told Long that mediums are simply born with the gift. “I chalk it up to… And I don’t mean to quote Lady Gaga, but I was born this way,” she said. “We’re all born a certain way. I always felt like there was something missing deep within my soul.”

“And until I embraced my gift and here I was,” she shared. “Well, I was in my thirties. I married, two beautiful children, still having my grandparents. I only lost my grandparents recently. My parents are still alive. So I have all of these blessings in my life.”

She recalls seeing her great-grandmother at the foot of her bed

Long asked if she had a moment when she knew she could communicate with the other side.

“I always remember a woman at the foot of my bed, and I used to have these reoccurring nightmares of a man chanting that he was coming for me,” she said. “They were coming for me. They were coming for me. And this woman would always be standing at the foot of my bed, and it was almost like she was protecting me.”

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“And I was well into my thirties, and I saw a picture. I was at my grandmother’s house,” Caputo recalled. “And I’m like, ‘Gram, who was this woman in this picture?’ And she’s like, ‘That’s my mom.’ And I’m like, ‘Shut up.’ I’m like, ‘That is the woman that has been sitting at the end of my bed since I’m four.'” Caputo confirmed, “This was my mom’s grandmother.”

Caputo learned to embrace her gift through the years

She admits she was scared initially but grew to understand and embrace her gift. “Oh, at the time it was definitely scary. I would wake up with blood curdling screams,” she recalled. “Literally, my mom would say she would come into the room and she’d be expecting someone murdering me. These night terrors. I mean, so bad that one night I convinced my father and my brother to go up on the roof at 3:00 in the morning because there was a man looking in my window.”

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By the time she was in her 30s, she began to understand that being able to reach the other side was a gift and not a curse. “What was happening was I was sensing other souls and other things, so she was there to protect me,” Caputo said. “It all didn’t come together until, like I said, in my thirties, I had gone to a spiritual awareness class where I was safely able to explore my gifts. So I would come into this class, and for me it was my way of saying, ‘Okay, this is my safe place where I can explore my gift.'”

Making a connection with others with the gift was helpful. “And I would go to these classes, experiment with my gift, and I’m like, ‘Okay, well, who’s going to want to come and see a medium?’ I could not understand why God would bless me with this gift, and I would have all of this anxiety and all of this pressure.”