‘Long Island Medium’ Theresa Caputo Recently Announced Her Most Exciting Family News Yet

From her big personality to her special gift speaking to the dead, TLC followers love Theresa Caputo. The Long Island Medium first became famous many years ago when viewers first got a look into her medium abilities, and we’ve been watching her approach strangers on the street when passed loved ones are attempting to contact them ever since. There are certainly skeptics out there when it comes to her abilities, but even for those who don’t fully believe, there’s also plenty of family drama to get immersed in on the show.

Everyone knows Theresa and her long-time husband, Larry, recently divorced, but this time, the medium has some exciting news to share. Here’s why she’s jumping for joy.

Theresa’s daughter, Victoria, recently got engaged

When Long Island Medium first started, we remember when both of Theresa’s children were just kids. Now, they’re all grown up and out of the house — and though we don’t see them much on the show anymore, it’s because they’re thriving on their own and looking to find their own way away from the cameras. Good Housekeeping reports Victoria, who’s 24 now, attended beauty school and works as a balayage specialist at a salon in New York. And the exciting news has everything to do with her, as Theresa announced on her Instagram that Victoria is engaged. “Congratulations to my beautiful baby and her future husband Michael. Let the planning begin!” Theresa captioned the post.

Victoria’s fiancé’s name is Michael Mastrandrea, and he also captured the moment he got down on one knee on his own Instagram. “Last night I got to propose to my best friend. Victoria you’re the most beautiful girl in the world and I’m so honored and blessed to call you mine. Can’t wait to live this life with you babe, I love you,” he captioned his post. From the looks of Theresa’s social media, the happy medium mother seems to really like Michael, too — and she continues to post photos about preparing for the wedding.

Will we see Victoria’s fiancé on Long Island Medium? Probably not

Fans would love to see Victoria and her husband-to-be on an episode of Long Island Medium, but sadly, we’re doubtful that will occur. While Theresa is still willing to be an active participant on the television series, her kids have taken a step back, which is why we rarely see them on the screen anymore. Your Tango notes Theresa said on the show last April, “In all fairness, I mean, look our lives are all so different. When we started Long Island Medium, little Larry just graduated college, Victoria just graduated high school. You know, they’re growing up. Larry lives in the city now. Victoria now too.”

Not only that, but it seems Theresa and Larry’s divorce was difficult for Victoria and Larry Jr., giving them another reason to stay away from the cameras. When the split was announced at the end of 2017, Theresa mentioned, “Especially with this, it’s uncomfortable and it’s hard for my kids. They know that they can come to Larry and I, you know, if they ever want to talk about it. [We] kind of just left it in their hands.”

Theresa’s son may be the next one up for engagement

Victoria was reportedly only dating her boyfriend for about a year before he proposed, so that leads many to believe that perhaps this will be the push her older brother, Larry Jr., needs to also get down on one knee. Heavy reminds us there was talk of Larry possibly proposing to his long-time girlfriend, Leah Munch, in a 2018 season of Long Island Medium. So far, it seems nothing’s happened yet, but fans are hopeful — especially since Leah posted a congratulatory photo of Victoria and Michael on her own Instagram.

Given how quick Theresa was to tell her followers that Victoria was engaged, we’re sure we’ll get all the latest updates regarding Larry Jr.’s love life this way, too. And fans are hopeful Theresa may have a new man of her own in the near future. Only time will tell.

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