‘Long Island Medium’: Theresa Caputo’s Daughter Just Revealed She Wants Kids in This New Clip

It’s been awhile since Long Island Medium has been on the air, but everyone’s favorite medium is about to return to the small screen. Theresa Caputo is well-known for her alleged ability to speak to the dead. Whether she’s touring across the country or simply running errands, she’s talked at-length regarding her connection with spirit — and she truly believes people who’ve passed from this life on to the next reach out to her. Over the years, she’s certainly made a name for herself, and her big hair and giant personality also help, too.

Fans know Theresa’s family just as well as they know her. And her daughter, Victoria Caputo, is engaged to be married. Not only is Victoria getting ready to tie the knot, but it looks like there may be some Long Island Medium babies in the near future as well. Here’s what we just learned from a new clip.

A new season of ‘Long Island Medium’ is premiering soon

Theresa Caputo discusses 'Long Island Medium'
Theresa Caputo discusses ‘Long Island Medium’ | Roy Rochlin/FilmMagic

Each season of Long Island Medium features Theresa Caputo’s entire family — and last season was ultra-emotional for the star. We know Larry and Theresa were married for decades, and together, they share two adult children. Sadly, we last saw their marriage totally collapse, and they’ve since divorced. “[We’re] working and finding our place. We’ve been together for a very long time. And people change. We all change,” Theresa said of their separation. This coming season, we’ll have to see where Theresa and Larry stand now, as we know their divorce appeared to be amicable but still extremely difficult for both of them.

So, when will we get to see more of Theresa performing her medium abilities and sorting things out with Larry further? According to her Instagram post, the new season begins Friday, Oct. 18, on TLC.

Theresa’s daughter is currently engaged

Not only are Theresa and Larry a hot topic of conversation for fans, but we’re also all awaiting more details on Victoria Caputo’s engagement. Theresa announced that her daughter got engaged way back in February, and the excited mom has been posting about wedding preparations ever since. “Congratulations to my beautiful baby and her future husband Michael. Let the planning begin!” Theresa captioned her post.

Victoria has been posting all about wedding prep on her Instagram, too. She recently posted about her sponsorship with Care/of vitamins, which she says she’s using to help her get in tiptop health for her big day that’s coming next year. And Victoria and her fiance also already had their engagement party, as photos were posted to both her and Theresa’s account. Not only that, but Victoria also already has her wedding dress picked out. “Vic said YES to the DRESS!! Thank you to Ronnie and everyone at @kleinfeldbridal for such an amazing day,” Theresa captioned this post of the mother-daughter duo during dress shopping.

This clip shows Victoria Caputo saying she wants children ASAP

Theresa recently posted a sneak peek of the new season of the show — and of course, it looks like we’ll be getting an inside look at Victoria’s wedding prep. “My daughter, Victoria, is engaged!” Theresa can be seen excitedly telling the cameras. “This is crazy!” And Theresa is also then seen FaceTiming Larry regarding the news and the engagement party.

It’s not just Theresa talking to the cameras in the clip, either. Victoria also takes center stage to talk about her upcoming nuptials — and she had some interesting info to share with viewers. As she told the cameras with a big grin, “I’m happy that I figured out who I’m gonna marry ’cause now I can start having babies.”

That’s all of the info we’ve gotten from Victoria thus far, but we’re sure we’ll hear her talk more about her future plans post-wedding once the new season airs. Until then, we’re left to speculate when we can hear about the news of baby Caputos. Congratulations to Victoria and her fiance!

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