Looking for Your Next Read? Bruce Springsteen Recommends These Titles

If you’re in the mood for reading some classic literary staples that have withstood the test of time, Bruce Springsteen named some titles he has thoroughly enjoyed. The Boss told Variety what he has been reading and watching as of late.

Singer Bruce Springsteen

Bruce Springsteen recently revealed to Variety the titles books he has enjoyed. | Bertrand Guay/AFP/Getty Images

Moby Dick. “The last thing I read that jumped out like, ‘Man, you gotta read this’ was Moby Dick, which I’d never read, and which ended up not being as intimidating as people claim,” the rocker said. “It was actually a boys’ adventure story that was particularly well told.”

The American iconic novel, written by Herman Melville and published in 1851, contains one of literature’s most famous opening sentences “Call me Ishmael.” The story is of Ishmael, a sailor, who accompanies the revenge-seeking Captain Ahab on a voyage aboard the whaler “Pequod,” in search of a white whale that had previously bit off the lower half of Ahab’s leg.

Like many works of literature and art that ultimately stand the test of time, Moby Dick was initially deemed a commercial failure and was out of print by the time Melville died in 1891. However, the novel experienced a large-scale resurgence during the 20th century to the point of being deemed a Great American Novel.

Brothers Karamazov. “I really enjoyed Brothers Karamazov,” The Boss told Variety. The classic was the final novel written by Russian author Fyodor Dostoyevsky. The story takes place in 19th century Russia, chronicling the lives of a father and three brothers. The story’s recurring themes include ethical debates regarding God, free will, and morality.

Other books Springsteen mentioned he read and enjoyed were true crime stories, books on ISIS, and Western novels by Elmore John Leonard, Jr. “I’ve been wandering a bit with my reading,” the rocker said.

The “Born in the USA” singer also revealed what he’s enjoyed watching on TV. “Like everybody else, I was nuts about Mad Men. I watched Breaking Bad. I thought Westworld was incredibly realized.”

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Actors Aaron Paul and Bryan Cranston from hit TV show ‘Breaking Bad,’ seen together in 2012 in San Diego, Calif. | Mark Davis/Getty Images