‘Love After Lockup’: Clint Brady and “Goddess” Tracie Wagaman Are Back On

The love story of Clint Brady and Tracie “Goddess” Wagaman from WETv’s Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup has been nothing short of a saga. 

Wagaman has struggled with drug addiction and has several convictions dating from the time she was just 18. She famously left Brady on their wedding night, allegedly to score drugs nearby. She’s also accused Brady of infidelity and of struggling with addiction himself.

The Life After Lockup couple was arrested in a Texas grocery store parking lot on Aug. 6 under suspicion of possession of controlled substances and paraphernalia.

The pair’s legal troubles aren’t yet resolved, but it looks like their love life isn’t either. They recently hashed out their problems in a public Twitter fight, flinging allegations of drug use and mistreatment at one another. 

But as of Nov. 8, it looks like the rocky couple is very much back on. 

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Brady and Wagaman recently fought over drug use accusations on Twitter

The notoriously troubled Life After Lockup duo took to Twitter on Nov. 4 for a heated argument. Brady claimed in a series of tweets that his goddess had been at the “dope man’s house” for four hours, that he no longer believed she was his first priority, and that he didn’t know why he was still crying over her. 

For her part, Wagaman said she’d gone to “score” meth for Brady, not herself, and accused him of using cocaine and meth just the night before. 

In response, Brady appeared to admit to recent substance abuse. 

“LOL nice pic u have of us on here. Anyhoo, yeah I did f**k up 2 nights ago, but I’ve not done ANY since then and I barely even did enough for it to probably not show up on a test. At least I’m making an honest effort to stop using hardcore drugs,” he said in a telling tweet. He also accused Wagaman of gambling their money away.

The ‘Love After Lockup’ cast members say all is forgiven

Mere days after their Twitter fight, Wagaman and Brady appeared to have reconciled. Wagaman wrote a mini-love letter to her Love After Lockup other half on Instagram. 

“Despite our shortcomings, we are still together & trying to work things out,” she wrote in a post. She added the hashtags #weallmakestupidmistakes, #forgiving&secondchances, and #weallmakepoorchoices. 

Next to the caption were three photos of the couple looking affectionate and lovey-dovey, as well as hanging out with friends in a bar. Wagaman’s Instagram story also included several brand-new couple’s photos of the two of them on Nov. 8. 

The couple has been through this cycle several times, breaking up only to make up more passionately than ever. 

Fans urged the couple to seek help

Reactions to the on-again, off-again Life After Lockup couple’s reconciliation were mixed. Many commenters urged the couple to get help and seek treatment. Others offered their support. 

“People do need to leave Tracie alone, they make me so sick, nobody is perfect,” one commenter wrote under Hagaman’s post. 

Another shared a kind bit of concern, writing, “We are rooting for you two! Would you please get some help? You can’t white knuckle this forever. At least see what your options are, maybe the show will pay for it.”