‘Love After Lockup’: The 1 Star Fans Seriously Can’t Stand

Love After Lockup is wrapping up its second season. The show is a lot like 90 Day Fiance, but with a twist: One half of each couple on the show is an inmate. All the convicts are close to release, which means these couples are about to live together for the first time.

Love After Lockup
‘Love After Lockup’ cast photo. | We TV

Obviously these couples have a lot working against them. Like with 90 Day Fiance, many of the couples are living together for the first time. The catch is that this is the first time one half of the couple has lived in society for a long time. Sometimes the convicts have been locked up for decades.

Another similarity to 90 Day Fiance? Fans have their favorites. And they also have couples that they just can’t stand.

‘Love After Lockup’ season 2 is wilder than ever

The show is wrapping up its second season. Even though the first season of the show had more than its fair share of drama, the producers have really outdone themselves this time around. Season two has brought fans two love triangles. Of course, fans are eating it up, even if they cringe while they do it. 

This time, like in season one, we see our fair share of parents who don’t seem to be taking their children into consideration. Welcoming a convicted felon into a home with children isn’t something most parents would consider.

For the Love After Lockup couples, this doesn’t seem to be a serious concern. In most cases, the parent didn’t even know the con before prison.

The kids aren’t alright on ‘Love After Lockup’

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Fans frown on parents who don’t put their children first. One fan on Reddit slammed Cheryl, a Season 2 star who left her kids in her home state to go to Colorado and live with Josh, her new boyfriend. The Reddit fan said “Cheryl leaving her kids to go be with a con in a different state… after spending a lot of money on him that could have been invested in her children’s future” was one of the worst examples of bad parenting season two has to offer.

Cheryl and Josh met while Josh was in prison for bank robbery. Cheryl found him online while she was searching for pictures of serial killers for a school project.

Cheryl didn’t know Josh before he went to prison, so it’s probably better that she left her kids behind rather than bring them with her to live with a stranger. Especially considering the drama she got into at Josh’s house. Josh’s mother accused Cheryl of trying to steal her boyfriend.

Lacey is the one star on ‘Love After Lockup’ that fans cannot stand

Believe it or not, fans don’t think Cheryl was the worst parent on Love After Lockup this season. That honor goes to Lacey. Fans dislike her for the drama she caused all season, but they feel especially bad for her children.

As one reddit user posted: “29 years old marrying a stranger while her poor kids look on. How selfish can a person be? Three innocent kids that she spent zero time having him build a relationship with.”

Lacey may or may not have been a bad mom during season two, but she was almost certainly a bad girlfriend. At the beginning of the season, she was with John, her high school sweetheart who happened to be incarcerated right after he proposed.

She found that the ring John gave her “comes on and off pretty easily,” and she was able to slip it right off while she was with her other boyfriend, Shane. Shane was also recently released from prison, and in the end, it seems like he was a better fit for Lacey. She and Shane recently tied the knot.