‘Love After Lockup’: Tracie Wagaman Fights With Clint Brady’s Mother About Rehab, Abortion

Tracie Wagaman, also known as “Goddess,” and Clint Brady of WEtv’s Love After Lockup and Life After Lockup have not had an easy go at love. Wagaman has long battled addiction and has been in and out of prison since the age of 18. Meanwhile, Brady has also admitted to on-and-off substance abuse over the years.

The Life After Lockup couple has been through arrests, social media battles, and alleged relapses in recent months. Most recently, Wagaman fought with both her husband and his mother on social media about abortion, rehab, alleged substance abuse, and more.

Tracie Wagaman
Tracie Wagaman | Tracie Wagaman via Instagram

The couple has had a rocky past few months

Wagaman and Brady famously got married on Love After Lockup, only to have their honeymoon fall apart when Wagaman drove off into the rental car for “motherf****** crack,” as Clint told his mother Alice Brady.

Still, the pair continued to get back together for short spurts before breaking up off and on. Most recently, they were arrested in a Texas parking lot in August for drug-related charges. Wagaman was released a few weeks later, while Brady got out right away.

The Love After Lockup couple has also had several recent scuffles on social media. On Nov. 4, Brady accused Wagaman of leaving him to spend hours at the “dope man’s” house. Wagaman clapped back by accusing Brady of relapsing as well, which he didn’t deny.

Brady claimed to be completely done with Wagaman at the time. Still, the couple took to Instagram afterward to announce that they were working on things and trying to forgive.

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Wagaman accused her husband of ‘stranding’ her at rehab

On Nov. 17, the tumultuous Life After Lockup pair had yet another public argument on social media, this time on Facebook. This argument involved Clint’s mother Alice Brady as well, who has never approved of their relationship.

The trouble started when Brady posted on Facebook about his wife ignoring him. “While I’m at the house doing laundry, keeping it clean, washing dishes, keeping the pets fed, doing what a husband normally does, etc. these past 3 days, where have u been Tracie Wagaman?” he wrote.

Wagaman responded by claiming that Clint had “stranded” her after she asked to be picked up from a rehab program two days prior. The Life After Lockup star also claimed her husband had been messaging other women nonstop and had only been sober himself for 10 days.

Clint Brady’s mom lashed out at Wagaman on social media

That’s when Clint’s mother Alice Brady entered the fray. “You’ve been living this way since you were 24 years old, in and out of prison and in rehab 3 times,” she wrote in part, as reported by Starcasm.

The Life After Lockup star then got into it with Alice, accusing her of enabling Clint’s alleged substance use. “Don’t give him no advice he don’t need no advice from you,” she wrote. “He left me fu**ing stranded when he said he was on the way.”

She added, “Why are you also worried about me why don’t you tell Clint to get help [too] OK he’s been clean for 10 days got it but he still needs help too.”

Alice Brady responded by imploring her son’s wife to get help for her addiction, writing, “You’ve been going around this mountain since you were 24 years old, you are 39 now, aren’t you tired of doing the SAME thing over and over and over and getting the same results!!??”

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Wagaman spoke up about her pregnancy with Brady

The social media battle between Wagaman and the two Bradys also revealed yet another bombshell. Wagaman was apparently pregnant with Clint’s baby and chose to have an abortion.

Clint’s mother spoke out about her pain over Wagaman’s choice to seek an abortion. Wagaman accused Alice of wanting her to end her pregnancy, which Clint’s mom denied.

“For your information she wanted her drugs more than MY grand baby… I cried my heart out when I found out!!” Alice Brady wrote to a Life After Lockup fan who had gotten involved in the argument.

But Wagaman pushed back, saying that she and her husband had chosen to abort the pregnancy together. “You’re out of line! Me and Clint decided on that together,” she wrote.

Only time will tell how the Tracie Wagaman and Clint Brady saga will end, but odds are that it will be rocky.