‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ Episode 11 Recap: Kimbella and Yandy are Mad in ‘Spirituali-Tea’

After drinks and hands were thrown during last week’s episode of Love & Hip Hop: New York, Kimbella and Yandy were at each other’s throats in the last few seconds. Surely, that prompted curiosity to see how things would shake out in tonight’s continuation.

Well, things are messy! Yandy and Kimbella are broken up by security, but the hotel room where Jonathan booked his slumber party is in shambles. Let’s kick off the rest of this recap for “Spirituali-Tea.”

Kimbella of 'Love & Hip Hop'
Kimbella of ‘Love & Hip Hop: New York’ | Prince Williams/WireImage/Getty Images

Somaya wants everyone to get along

Early in the episode, we see Cyn and Jonathan meet up and she shares that she and her ex, Joe, are going to counseling. Elsewhere, Safaree and Erica are at an ultrasound appointment and are in love with the baby. They discuss the baby shower plans.

A day or so after the big fight, Somaya takes Kimbella and Cyn to a spa day for massages, and they learn Kimbella invited Chrissy. Somaya is caught off guard because they have a spotty history.

But guess what? They hug and let the bad times go. Kimbella fills Chrissy in on her pajama jam fight with Yandy, and Chrissy says she’s only getting one side of the story so she’s not taking sides.

In her confessional, Cyn sides with Yandy based on the fact that Kimbella threw her drink and started the fight. Somaya suggests the women come to one of her health and healing classes to work on forgiveness. It’s a date.

In a new scene, Cyn goes to visit Joe, and she catches him up on Erica’s birthday party and her interaction with Tahiry. She thinks Tahiry was being shady by bringing Joe up, and he doesn’t want to be involved.

They agree to attend Erica and Safaree’s baby shower together as friends to show they’re on good terms.

Rich, Yandy, and Somaya meet up and talk about Olivia’s beef with Rich and Yandy’s beef with Kimbella. Rich is defending his stance on Olivia and the money discrepancy. Somaya wants to help the Yandy and Kim with crystals and healing, but Yandy thinks the friendship is doomed for good.

Baby shower rekindles flames and bad blood

It’s the night of the baby shower, and everyone is dressed up for the pink-themed formal affair. Yandy and Jonathan are surprised to see Cyn and Joe walk in side by side, but happy about it. The two former lovers hang for most of the night. Later, Tahiry enters and Joe approaches her and tells her she looks nice. Cyn spots it from across the room and walks out of the party.

Erica meets up with Cyn on a different night to dish on the shower, but Erica has an ulterior motive. She wants to mediate a truce between Cyn and Tahiry, and the latter walks up. Things go south and they start arguing with Tahiry proclaiming herself to be “THE EX,” which apparently is a special position.

Fans who are watching live disagree, and so does Cyn. She believes Tahiry needs to be more respectful since she was once in her shoes and as a woman, should be understanding. Let the Joe thing go. Erica thinks they are misunderstanding one another. Things are not settled.

The tea party goes left

It’s time for Somaya’s kumbaya session, and Kimbella is dressed for a fancy tea party rather than an alternative healing session. Somaya’s brewed some of her calming tea to serve to everyone. Jonathan and Yandy show up, and after they are seated, he hilariously asks if she can turn the sage smoke down.

Somaya wants everyone to feel like they’re in a safe space and starts to go around the room to have everyone say an affirmation. Yandy is heated and asks to speak to Somaya alone. She explains that she’s not ready to forgive and wants to wrap her hands around Kimbella’s neck. She’s too angry and leaves early.

Back in the room, Jonathan and Kimbella start rehashing the fight between her and Yandy, and they disagree about who’s in the wrong. After they get into a mini argument, he leaves too but compliments Somaya’s efforts and tea. Chrissy looks exasperated and thinks the whole setup is weird.

At the end of the episode, Remy and Papoose are shown walking into a courthouse to deal with her assault case. That’s where things will pick up next time.