‘Love & Hip Hop’: Brandy Gives Her Two Cents on the Future of Ray J and Princess Love’s Marriage

Love & Hip Hop star Ray J’s impromptu filing for divorce from Princess Love is still confusing to a lot of people. One person who is still trying to wrap her head around it is Brandy. In a new interview, Brandy stated the case for why she thinks the couple’s story is far from over.

Princess Love, Ray J and Brandy in 2015
Princess Love, Ray J and Brandy in 2015 | Johnny Nunez/FilmMagic

Ray J surprisingly filed for divorce from Princess Love

Ray J and Princess Love have had a troubled relationship for some time now. It mostly started late last year after Love said that Ray J left her and their daughter in Las Vegas while she was pregnant with their son. There were also rumors about infidelity.

For much of this year, Ray J seemed interested in reconciling with Love when she was not. Love never really said things changed, though Ray J constantly spoke in the media about them working on things.

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In an interview with In Touch Weekly in January, he said, “We love each other and our relationship matters, definitely, but right now the kids are the only thing that matters. In relationships, you know you go through ups and downs, and so I think we just have to make sure going through the ups and going through the downs, that in this time we stick together to make sure that the kids are safe and happy and comfortable, and find the rhythm. Keep us in your prayers — God will make it work.”

Eventually, Love officially filed for divorce in May. However, by July, she asked to have the request for divorce dismissed. Ray J surprised people this month when he decided to file for divorce not too long after Love rescinded her request.

Here’s what Brandy thinks about the whole situation

As a recent guest on The Wendy Williams Show, Brandy spoke about the headlines surrounding her brother deciding to file for divorce from Love. She told Williams she doesn’t think that this is the end of their marriage.

“We’re all family and I love her so much,” she said. ‘I love the babies and I wanted them to work out so badly. I don’t even know if it’s going to go through. They change their minds every other five minutes. I love them together and I love our family together. I don’t want to see them apart, but you know, whatever is best for them. It’s really none of my business at the end of the day.”

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Despite giving her opinion on the matter, Brandy said that she doesn’t want to get too involved in their business. “It’s really none of my business at the end of the day,” she added. “I try to still respect that these are grown people and everybody has their issues. It puts a lot of pressure on people when everybody’s trying to tell you what to do and what you should do, so I try not to get into it that way. I’m praying for them and I just wish them the best. I love them both very much.”