‘Love & Hip Hop’: Former Star Tommie Lee and Her Daughter Are Going Back and Forth on Social Media About Abortion Claims

Former Love & Hip Hop star Tommie Lee has responded to claims that her daughter has levied against her on social media. In a series of posts, the two went back and forth over statements about pregnancy.

Tommie Lee
Tommie Lee | Prince Williams/Wireimage

The reality star’s time on ‘Love & Hip Hop’

Lee’s eldest daughter, Samaria, announced recently on Instagram in May that she is pregnant. She noted in the caption that the pregnancy was unplanned, noting that she is “grateful and happy” that she has people who support her around.

“My life is only going up from here i just have one extra life coming with me and I’m beyond happy for it. And for all the young pregnant woman or woman with child let me be your inspiration! It’s okay you will do just fine,” she wrote in part.

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Here’s what’s going on between Tommie Lee and her daughter

Lee and Samaria, have been in a heated feud on social media. It all started with Samaria posted several messages on her Instagram story.

She wrote, “Y’all I was just told how my mom and aunt teamed up to try to trick me into having an abortion. Same aunt that had her first child at 17!! And mother at 18,” she wrote. “But your otw to help deliver a b***h who was going to help you get me to kill my baby and still have her baby today. I wish y’all the best of luck weirdos.

In a separate post, she said, “I’ve been staying cool calm collected but my aunt and mother got me to fly to LA thinking my mother was dying only to try and be forced to have an abortion!! After I didn’t want it I was kicked out of the house and forced to find my own way home!”

How Lee responded to her daughter’s claims

To address Samaria’s claims, Lee went live on Instagram to speak about the situation herself and give her side of the story. She said that she wanted to keep this moment private but opted to speak out

“Anybody that knows me, they know how I am and how hard I go for my family,” she told viewers. “The reason why I feel so strongly about that opinion for females to have a say-so about their bodies is because this is something that you are never going to be able to undo. You’re never going to be able to undo having a child.”

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All in all, Lee says she just wants her daughter to live her life. “I didn’t have anybody to tell me, ‘This is what you’re supposed to do.’ I didn’t have none of that. So, ultimately, my decision to my child, that I think so highly of and I love, is that I don’t want her to ever face the things that I faced. I don’t want her to ever go through that.”

She continued, speaking of Samaria, “I want you to be in your dorm room. I want you to complete high school,” the celebrity mom told her daughter. “I want you to have wild parties. I want you to live, live, live out these years of your life because you never get them back. You never get these years back.”

Despite Lee’s statements on her Instagram live, Samaria wasn’t having it and it seems like things aren’t good between them right now.

She said in a comment, “You wouldn’t know where I was living or what’s going on with me cause we don’t speak…I’m in my rightful grade and currently about to start school at home!”

Lee hasn’t said anything else about the situation on social media yet.