‘Love & Hip Hop’: Is Apryl Jones Already Cheating on Lil’ Fizz?

Reality tv is always messy but the situation between Omarion, Apryl Jones, and Lil Fizz has taken drama to new levels. To play a little catch up in case you don’t know what’s going on, Jones and Fizz recently went public with their relationship after Omarion and Jones broke up. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, but given that Omarion and Fizz are former bandmates in their group B2k, the budding relationship has been kind of grossing fans and celebrities out.

 Apryl Jones
Apryl Jones | Rodin Eckenroth/Getty Images for Wanderluxxe

But now, there may be even more drama involved in the story as a video that appears to show Jones cheating on Fizz has just surfaced.

The messiest love triangle in history

When we first met Apryl Jones on Love & Hip Hop, she and Omarion were a solid couple. The pair already had a son together, Megaa Omari Grandberry, and eventually welcomed their second child, A’mei Kazuko Grandberry, into the world.

When the two broke up n 2016, fans were shocked. Throughout their journey on Love & Hip Hop, we had watched them be nothing but supportive of one another. But then suddenly, it was all over.

Fast forward to 2019 and rumors started circulating that Lil Fizz and Jones were being more than just friendly. Given Omarion and Fizz’s longstanding relationship, fans initially didn’t believe that anything could be going on between Fizz and Jones since they were practically family. But eventually, the pair came out and admitted that they were, in fact, together.

How does Omarion feel about Lil Fizz and Apryl Jones being together?

When news of the relationship first broke, everyone looked to Omarion to see how he felt about it all. But surprisingly, the singer had very little to say about the whole situation.

When he finally did break his silence, it was only to say that he didn’t care about any of it.

“I don’t feel no ways, I don’t feel any way about it,” he told Vlad Tv.

“I think that if they’re happy, then they should be happy,” he continued.”I think they should change the narrative, though. She’s still the mother of my children. When something affects her, it affects my kids, and that affects me. But what she does is, you know, live your life! I think people should do whatever makes them happy. I think they should change the narrative though.”

Omarion later went on to announce a Millenium Tour for 2020 that featured acts like Pretty Ricky, Ashanti, and Bow Wow. The tour notably left out the rest of B2k, including Lil Fizz.

Is Apryl Jones already cheating on Lil Fizz?

After constantly talking about how happy they are together on social media, it seems that there may be trouble in paradise in Fizz and Jones’ relationship. A video has begun to surface that shows Jones getting really close to rapper FDGBabyGoat.

In the video, the woman, who is allegedly Jones, kisses the rapper on the cheek as they laugh and have a conversation.

FDGBabyGoat responded to the video, asking to be left alone.

“Mane keep my name out y’all blogs n keep y’all b**chs on a leash. Orange Mound sh*t,” he wrote.

Since the video leaked, fans have been relentless in calling Jones out for her messy behavior.

“Same way you get them you lose them NEXT,” one person commented.

“Lmao what do y’all really expect from this girl,” another person commented. “I’m not even surprised.”

“Told yall she was trifling smfh,” one fan wrote. “She done lost her baby sitter with this one.”

Some sources have said that the footage is from a music video shoot but nothing has been confirmed.