‘Love Is Blind’: Amber Says She Had No Clue Jessica Was ‘Shady’ Says ‘She Disrespected Me’

Things got uncomfortable on Love Is Blind and that’s because Jessica Batten obviously had strong feelings for Matthew Barnett. The problem is they were both engaged to other people.

Amber Pike is now sharing her thoughts on Batten flirting with her fiancé. She explains why she feels disrespected.

Matthew Barnett was dating Amber Pike and Jessica Batten on ‘Love Is Blind’

Things started off with Barnett being stuck between three women in the pods. He talked about his hard decision on the show.

“They all would make excellent wives, and it’s difficult because I’m becoming emotionally attached to all of them in different ways,” he said on the show. “With [Lauren Chamblin], we’re very freaking similar, and it’s like, what’s going on here? Like, why are we so alike? It’s like figuring out if I want to marry myself in girl version.”

He then talked about Pike. “With Amber, she excites me, but she also scares the living hell out of me.” The engineer said, “If I don’t propose to Amber she’s going to find me outside of here and whoop my a**!”

There was a time when it looked like he was going to choose Batten. “I think Jessica is my number one, because every time I talk to her, there’s like mad goosebumps,” he said.

However, he changed his mind and picked Pike. That didn’t stop Batten from flirting with him after they were out of the pods. Now Pike is sharing her reaction to that.

Amber said she had no idea what Jessica was doing

Amber on 'Love Is Blind'
Amber on ‘Love Is Blind’ | Netflix

Pike shared her perspective after watching the episodes. She said while going through the experiment she had no idea Batten was still flirting with Barnett.

“Looking back at it, it’s hilarious because a lot of people were saying, ‘Wow, you really held your cool when she was throwing herself at your fiancé,’ but I had no idea. What she was saying to Barnett, like, ‘Oh my god, I would never [come between you two],’ that’s what I was hearing,” she told Entertainment Tonight.

She explained that the women were supportive of each other while they were dating in the pods. Unsurprisingly, she isn’t thrilled to find out what Batten was saying behind her back.

She feels disrespected by her

“So to see that Jessica was coming out of left field, playing it as shady as she was, I was really offended that she disrespected me,” admitted Pike. “I thought that we had a rapport, and I thought we were at least some type of friends. I had no idea.”

She continued, “I thought maybe she had a crush on him, which I was trying to be understanding of. But it’s a process and it was an experiment and for anyone that was on the show, I think we were all just trying to learn from it and grow from it. I really hope she grows from that, like, a lot of growing can be done.”

There will be a reunion with the Love Is Blind cast on March 5. Chances are fans will be able to watch them talking about the drama.