‘Love Is Blind’: Cameron and Lauren Spill on Their Connection, Family, YouTube Channel

Netflix’s Love Is Blind is its latest smash, and in spite of the reality dating series’ criticisms and small controversies, viewers can’t help but be intrigued with the contestants. Strangers falling in love without laying eyes on one another?

It’s turned skeptics into believers and hopeless romantics into hopeful romantics. Not everyone made it down the aisle, but Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed’s love story is the real deal.

The reunion show may still have people talking, but in a more intimate chat, Lauren and Cameron opened up about the moment they said the “L” word, how their families are adjusting, and what’s next.

'Love Is Blind' stars Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed
‘Love Is Blind’ stars Cameron Hamilton and Lauren Speed | Jason Mendez/Getty Images

Speed says every day ‘is an adventure’

During an interview with PeopleTV, Lauren and Cameron reminisced about their time on the show and got candid about how they’ve been adapting to each other for the past year and a half.

They decided to make Cameron’s place their marital home, and he joked that it’s no longer a “barren bachelor pad.”

He’s happy that Lauren made it feel like home and added her own touches. Lauren says she learned how patient Cameron (he says the same about her) is and that he really has her back.

She also mentioned that they’ve been doing things in reverse since they married and then dated, but it’s been an adventure.

Lauren and Cameron realized their love early

The couple revisited the moment they uttered the magical words, “I love you” on the show and how they felt before and after. Neither of them remembered how many days it took for them to realize their feelings, but they acknowledge they fell quickly.

“I just remember feeling hot and sweaty like ‘Oh what’s happening’ but just like, I can’t fight this anymore.” says Lauren. “This is how I feel and I wanna let him know. And he said it back so fast and I was like ‘Oh snap. We’re really in this,’ yeah.”

Cameron agreed that he had to stop fighting his feelings too and learned to be vulnerable. They both feel that their attraction and connection was beyond anything physical.

Since ‘Love Is Blind’ ended, everything’s been positive

When it comes to their families, Cameron and Lauren shared that they’ve been able to blend their in-laws together with no problems. They’ve even spent the holidays together and Cameron said it was “beautiful.”

In addition, Lauren told People TV that they have not experienced any negative feedback as an interracial couple. People are showing them love and feel inspired by their love story.

Although Cameron didn’t have any doubts about his future with Lauren, she admits she was afraid about things progressing so quickly. But they’re in love!

Moving forward, the lovebirds plan to start a YouTube channel so people can see what their home life is like and meet their family members. Lauren says they are dog parents and Cameron added he wants viewers to see their everyday lives, their families, and their adventures.

If you haven’t watched Love Is Blind yet, catch the first and only season on Netflix to see who else fell in love on the show.