‘Love is Blind’ Producers ‘Catfished’ Damian on Tinder

As much as it seems everyone looking for publicity is clamoring to go on a reality show, this wasn’t necessarily the case with Netflix’s popular Love is Blind. Perhaps one reason for that is because it’s a reality show that aims to be about finding real love rather than faking amour just to promote one’s self.

It’s safe to say a majority of the contestants recruited on shows like The Bachelor use it as a promotional bastion, much like how most reality shows operate nowadays.

Yes, finding real love and truly marrying someone probably had more potential contestants scared about being stuck in a trap. It’s all the more reason Netflix had to use more creative means to convince people to participate.

New reports say Damian from the show was found using a catfishing method.

The Love is Blind contestants revealed this on Ellen DeGeneres’ show

Never has the production team behind Love is Blind revealed their tactics for luring contestants to their new reality series. Not many people would openly agree to participate just based on the isolated environment and the pressure of having to commit marriage with someone or run away.

Unfortunately, a few of the contestants also had some personal issues of their own, including the notorious incidents of Jessica with Mark.

Damian was one who seemed fairly normal, even if he admitted on Ellen DeGeneres’ talk show he was found through Tinder. When dating there, he had a woman who slid into his DM’s and revealed she was really a casting agent. He immediately realized he’d been catfished, if perhaps in a positive way, depending on one’s point of view.

Said Damian: “I started chatting with this girl, hit it off. She was like, ‘Add me on Instagram.’ We had a pretty good connection. Then she’s like, ‘I’m a casting producer.’ I’m like, ‘Catfish… haha.”

Some of the other candidates were found the same way

Damian Powers looking off camera with Giannina Gibelli
Damian Powers and Giannina Gibelli | Paras Griffin/Getty Images

Apparently Tinder and Instagram were the central places where Netflix tried to land their contestants. According to Giannina (Damian’s fiancee), she was also approached by one of the casting producers on Instagram. She said the agent just admitted they were from casting and told her she could find real love on the show.

Giannina apparently took the bait because she was having a frustrating time finding dates in her home city. Perhaps this proves how many people really would go on Love is Blind if given a proper sales pitch beforehand.

There may not be enough willing volunteers, though. No doubt it makes some single people ponder whether they’ll be approached by the show if a second season occurs. Where those casting agents show up next is another thing, if likely in a place where potential candidates least expect it.

No doubt it would be in social media circles. Would it backfire in a time when more people are sensitive to being catfished?

Maybe they’d attract more auditions if they offered a large fee

Another thing attracting contestants to competitive reality shows lately is the fee received, not including national exposure. Reportedly, Love is Blind paid their first season contestants hardly anything. They did this to probably find as many genuine love cases as possible.

Due to personal concerns about fakery in the social media world, Netflix’s recruiting methods might not work the next time. There may have to be a push to pay the contestants something, which would bring audition lines around the block…albeit more promotion seekers.

With so many single people still wanting to find “true love” there may be willing people volunteering their time based squarely on the publicity the first season received.