Netflix Announces ‘Love Is Blind’ Reunion Special with All of the Main Cast

It’s been just a few weeks since Netflix released Love Is Blind to the world and viewers became enthralled with the dynamic cast. And while fans are dying to know how it all ends for the five remaining couples in the season finale, it won’t be the last time that the cast graces the small screen. Netflix has just announced that in addition to the 90-minute finale, there is also reunion special featuring all 12 major cast members. [Spoiler Alert: This article contains general plot spoilers from Love Is Blind.]

Love is Blind cast
Love Is Blind Cast | Netflix

The premise of the new Netflix show, Love Is Blind

Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, Love Is Blind is a social experiment to really test to see if two people could fall in love, sight unseen. To kick the experiment off, the cast was allowed to go on blind dates with one another. They lived in a facility that was separated by gender. The only time they were allowed to interact with the opposite sex was when they were in pods on dates. In the pods, they were separated by a thin wall and were allowed to talk to other people and develop connections, without ever having set eyes upon one another.

The cast has an accelerated timeline

From there, the relationships progressed (as much as they could) and the couple’s spent more time talking to one another. And, after just a few days’ time, six couples got engaged without ever seeing each other’s faces. After the proposal, they were allowed to meet face-to-face and were whisked away on a vacation in Mexico. Unbeknownst to them, the other engaged Love Is Blind cast members were there too. Following their couple’s retreat, the couples returned to Georgia, moved in together (in the same apartment complex as their fellow remaining cast members) and were given just a few short weeks to plan their weddings and get married.

Which couples will survive the finale

Tomorrow, fans of the show will find out if the remaining couples chose to get married or go their separate ways. Furthermore, they will answer the age-old question, “Is love truly blind.” But perhaps what’s even more exciting than the Love Is Blind finale is the reunion special that Netflix recently announced. Even though the show premiered this year, it was recorded back in 2018. Since approximately two years of time have elapsed, the cast will have much better updates for fans of the show. If couples chose to tie the knot, they’ll be able to share details about where their relationship stands now. But, if nobody left the show married, the cast will be able to confront their exes for the first time in years.

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When does the Love Is Blind reunion special premiere

The reunion special debuts on Netflix’s YouTube channel on Thursday, March 5, 2020, just a week after the finale. Hosted by Nick and Vanessa Lachey, every main cast member (Barnett, Cameron, Diamond, Carlton, Mark, Damian, Gianina, Lauren, Jessica, Amber, Kelly, and Kenny) will be able to share more about their Love Is Blind experience. The reunion show promises to feature “more unexpected twists and revelations from the whole season explained from the couples who experienced it.” We’re sure fans can’t wait to get an update on where the cast is now.