‘Love Is Blind:’ You’d Be Surprised To Know Which Couples Are Still Together Or Remain In Contact

Now that the finale episode of Love Is Blind has been released, many are begging for an update on the couples (and former couples) since their infamous wedding days. While two couples tied the knot, three separated and one couple didn’t even make it to the wedding prep stage. While fans wait for answers from the confirmed reunion special, here’s an update on all six couples. 

Cameron and Lauren

Lauren told Cameron she loved him after what appeared to be just minutes. They focused more on each other than getting into the business or comparing themselves to the other couples. They also spent a lot of time communicating effectively, having open and honest conversations together than the others. 

Most of the hesitation came from Lauren – who had never been in an interracial relationship prior to Cameron and was worried about giving up her personal space. Viewers rooted for them and watched them talk through their issues. It was no surprise that they opted to say “I do” at the altar. 

A source close to the show revealed to Women’s Health Magazine that the two are still married. “They celebrated their one year anniversary back in Mexico. And they’re just adorable,” the source said. “Their families love them. They’re beautiful humans. And they’re truly the essence of Love is Blind.

Barnett and Amber

Things got a little murky between the two when Amber revealed her current living and job status. After admitting that she doesn’t work often and was currently couch surfing, Barnett saw that as a red flag and was worried about taking on the responsibility of being a caregiver in the relationship.

Amber’s mom was also not convinced about their union, even as she prepared to walk her daughter down the aisle, which irritated Amber. Despite the cold feet, both said “I do.”

A little over a year later, they are assumed to still be together. Though Venmo transactions allegedly revealed that they do not follow one another on the finance app, a source close to production told Women’s Health Magazine that Amber recently took the last name “Barnett.”

Kenny and Kelly

Kelly made the decision to remain abstinent throughout their dating process, even after their engagement. Kenny was supportive but as time went on, he grew worried that Kelly was not attracted to him. He proved to be right as Kelly revealed in one of her confessionals just a day before the wedding that she viewed Kenny as more of a brother than her soon-to-be-husband.

Their parents hit it off well. So much so that after Kelly decided she couldn’t go through with the wedding, their parents shot looks to one another in shock. After Kenny graciously thanked everyone for attending the wedding, Kelly’s mom was recorded telling her family, “God, I love this man,” which alluded to her believing her daughter potentially lost out. 

According to a source, they tried dating but ended things after Kelly moved out of town. Kenny has moved on and is in a happy and healthy relationship, while Kelly remains single.

Damien and Giannina

Damien and Giannina’s love was fiery from the start. Giannina, or G as Damien affectionately called her, pushed Damien away almost daily after they returned from their pre-honeymoon in Mexico. She flipped between loving him to not knowing what she wanted until the very last minute.

Damien grew annoyed with G’s attitude and declared to her during a sit-down dinner that if she didn’t change her ways, she’d lose him for good. She did a complete 180 and was all in the day of their wedding and happily said “I do.” A tearful Damien said that he could not continue in the relationship due to not believing G was ready, leaving her heartbroken and embarrassed.

After running from the altar and returning to have one final conversation, they went their separate ways. But they are said to have found their way back to one another. “Once the cameras went away, they ended up regrouping and talking and [now] they’re like ‘We love each other; We just don’t need to be married right away,'” the source told Women’s Health. They are now reportedly living together.

Mark and Jessica 

The writings were always on the wall that Jessica would not give herself to Mark in the end. She toyed with his heart in “the pods” by claiming her love for Barnett – only to change her mind and beg Mark for forgiveness when Barnett rejected her. Still, Mark asked for her hand in marriage.

During their pre-honeymoon in Mexico and even when they moved into their shared space, Jessica took every opportunity she could to feel Barnett out. She claimed she was not attracted to Mark and also complained about his job. After vowing to remain abstinent, she decided to be intimate with Mark – leaving him to believe things were on the right track. 

She said no at the alter, leaving Mark sad but not surprised. They are both single. Jessica allegedly has not dated since the show and has focused on work and fitness while Mark recently ended a relationship.

Carlton and Diamond

No one can forget the brutal argument that ensued between the two. Carlton hurled insults at Diamond’s appearance and called her out of her name anas she performed the lyrics to Beyonce “Don’t Hurt Yourself” his way. It all came to head after Diamond questioned why Carlton failed to mention that he was bisexual before she accepted the engagement. Their relationship ended in Mexico during the pre-honeymoon phase.

After their blowup, many assumed they were done for good but they spoke a year after filming ended and both apologized for the way they treated each other. They decided to remain cordial and build a semi-friendship but it was short-lived. Once the episode of their breakup aired, Carlton took to social media to once again disrespect Diamond. He also accused her of being bi-phobic, which she denied.

Diamond recently spoke to V103 in Atlanta and said that she felt Carlton took “her ability to choose” away from her by not disclosing his sexuality.

Whatever the current status of their relationship are, fans of the show will get a real update from their mouths when the reunion show airs on YouTube on March 5.