Love True Crime? Stream These 5 Series That Fans Love

Fascinated with the psychology, mystery, and tales of survival in the true crime genre, people find themselves tuning in for podcasts and TV shows that explore various real-life scary stories.

It’s a non-fiction category where one will find murder, violence, or sad, twisted romances where no one wins. Mindhunter, anyone?

With so much of the world’s population in self-isolation, streaming platforms are meeting the demand for those who want to indulge in documentaries and other true crime content.

If you’re interested in filling your binge-watching schedule with some of this programming, Investigation Discovery channel (aka ID channel) has you in mind with some suggestions for streaming.

Green River Killer Gary Ridgway
Green River Killer Gary Ridgway | Josh Trujillo-Pool/Getty Images

‘He Lied About Everything’

The love affair between television producer Benita Alexander, and the internationally acclaimed surgeon, Dr. Paolo Macchiarini seemed perfect. Until it was revealed his entire life is a lie.

Just months before their wedding – which was supposed to be officiated by Pope Francis – Alexander learns he was not planning a wedding at all. She uncovers more and more lies, from unpaid bills and taxes all the way to deadly medical practices. Watch the docuseries on IDGo.

‘Who the Bleep Did I Marry?!’

Considered an ID fan-favorite, this show is completely binge-worthy, sharing the most famous stories of spouses who had no idea their loved ones were killers.

The series aired for five seasons and features noteworthy episodes such as interviews from the wives of the DC Sniper and the Green River Killer. You can stream it on HuluYouTube TVAmazon Prime and IDGo.

 ‘Serial Killer: Devil Unchained’

This investigative three-part series deconstructs the life and crimes of serial killer Todd Kohlhepp, whose murderous past is discovered when a woman named Kala Brown is found alive and chained up in a shipping container on his secluded wooded property after disappearing.

The miniseries includes an appearance from former FBI agent John Douglas, who stated that Kohlhepp willingly filled out their criminal profile with in-depth information; he went above and beyond to share his misdeeds. Catch it on Amazon PrimeYouTube TV and IDGo.

‘BTK: A Killer Among Us’

Arguably one of the most famous serial killers in US history (second to only Ted Bundy) Dennis Rader, aka BTK, terrorized Wichita for 30 years; leaving clues for news outlets and law enforcement throughout his murderous reign.

Rader, who was one of the subjects in Mindhunter, is currently serving 10 consecutive life sentences for his heinous crimes. This documentary interviews his daughter, Kerri Rawson about the man behind the killings. Stream it on Amazon Prime and IDGo.

‘The Woman Who Wasn’t There’

Based on the book that unraveled the story of a woman who claimed to be a survivor of 9/11, the documentary cracks a hoax wide open. Tania Head told a brave story about escaping from the 78th floor of the south tower that day — but six years later investigative reporting revealed her lies.

Head’s real name and fall from being one of the faces of the World Trade Center tragedy are revealed; stream on YouTube TV or Amazon Prime.