‘LPBW’: 1 Roloff Family Member is Missing From This Year’s Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season Photo

We’ve been keeping up with the Roloffs for years thanks to the many years of Little People, Big World. And while we know Matt and Amy Roloff as well as their kids, we’re also well-acquainted with Roloff Farms. The farm exists as Matt and Amy’s family business, and they also both still reside on opposite sides of the property post-divorce. And of course, the best time of the year for Roloff Farms is pumpkin season, which is taking place currently.

Every year, fans get to see a new Roloff Farms pumpkin season photo featuring every member of the family. But one family member is missing from this year’s photo. Here’s who, along with who else is featured who fans may be surprised to see.

The official Roloff Farms pumpkin season photo is up on Instagram

It’s officially pumpkin season at Roloff Farms, which is the perfect time for LPBW fans to go visit the location featured on the show. And many of the Roloff family members have posted about the event as well. Amy Roloff posted multiple photos of herself on the farm amongst the pumpkins, and she also included her fiance, Chris Marek, and her granddaughter, Ember in a few. Matt is also busy advertising the event with girlfriend and ex-farm worker, Caryn Chandler on his Instagram. And Jeremy and Zach — along with their wives, Audrey and Tori — also let everyone know the season is well underway.

To celebrate the season, there’s the official Roloff Farms pumpkin season photo, too. It was posted on the Roloff Farms official Instagram with the caption, “Pumpkin season has begun and we had a great first day! Who plans on coming to the farm this year?”

There’s one key family member who’s missing

Fans seem to adore the family photo, but they can’t help but notice one key member of the family’s missing. Jeremy, Zach, and even Jacob are in the photo with their wives — but the fourth Roloff child, Molly — isn’t there with her husband.

“No Molly this year??” one fan commented on the photo. Another wrote, “Where’s Molly and Joel!” The Roloff Farms Instagram replied to the first comment with, “unfortunately not this weekend!” so perhaps the Roloff daughter will be there at future dates.

So, why isn’t Molly involved in the family fun? We can’t forget that Molly chose to take a step away from reality TV to pursue her own goals, and she lives in Washington with her husband away from her family in Oregon. Recently, Molly was missing from a few other events, too, like Jeremy and Audrey’s gender reveal party. And when fans questioned why, Amy responded, “I know. She is always missed but she’ll be at the wedding. She’s a working woman in Spokane.” Molly was, indeed, at Jacob’s wedding, so she’s certainly making time for family when possible!

Other surprise guests are included in the photo

Molly may not be the photo, but we have a few new additions this year. Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, is featured next to him, and Amy’s fiance, Chris Marek, is also in the photo. Chandler has been a part of Roloff Farms for years, as she was the farm manager before dating Matt — but now, it looks like things are getting serious, as she’s included in the photo. As for Marek, Amy just recently announced her engagement to him, so he’s officially in the family.

What’s even more interesting is that Amy and Matt’s girlfriend were able to put aside their differences to work together on the farm for pumpkin season. Amy’s said in the past how Chandler came between her and Matt during their marriage, and she’s noted that seeing Chandler at family events makes her uncomfortable.

No discomfort can be detected in the photo, thankfully. It seems everyone’s having an awesome time with pumpkin season this year, even with Molly not in attendance!

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