‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Just Explained Why Her Daughter, Molly, Isn’t at Any of the Recent Family Events

The latest season of Little People, Big World recently ended, and there are plenty of questions that still remain when it comes to the Roloff family. While Matt and Amy Roloff began their journey on reality TV as a married couple, that’s since changed, as they’ve been divorced for years. And they’re just now figuring out what to do with Roloff Farms, the family property they’ve both been living on. Aside from Matt and Amy, we’re still keeping up with Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori, too.

There are a few key members of the family who are missing from the show, however. Jeremy, who’s Zach’s twin, decided to take a step back from TV with his wife, Audrey. And Jacob, the youngest of the family, also left the show years back. Molly also quietly took her own path — but unlike the other Roloffs, fans noticed she’s been missing many key family events as of late. Here’s what Amy said about it.

Molly Roloff chose to go her own way and leave Little People, Big World

When you grow up on reality TV, stepping out of the spotlight as an adult seems like the natural path to take. And it seems Molly Roloff was the quietest one of the family to leave the show and start her own journey away from LPBW. Jeremy Roloff posted to Instagram regarding his decision to leave the show with wife Audrey and daughter Ember, but he’s still quite present with his family and on social media. And many remember Jacob leaving the show, as he called out reality TV for making his family into caricatures of who they really were.

We may not hear or see too much of Molly on the show anymore, but it appears she’s doing quite well. She married Joel Silvius back in 2017 on Roloff Farms, the prime spot for all the Roloff kids to tie the knot. And she also lives in Spokane, Washington, instead of in Oregon near her siblings.

She still makes time to see her family, however

Molly may not be as present as the other Roloffs, but she definitely still sees Matt and Amy when she can. Back in May, Amy posted this photo of her with her daughter wearing vintage aprons as they baked together. “I was so happy to see my daughter Molly over Easter. It was a very special time and she inspires me!” Amy captioned the post. And fans loved seeing this surprise photo of the mother-daughter duo, too. “So Molly is married? She is so beautiful…You are so lucky to have a daughter!!” a fan commented.

Not only does Amy see Molly from time to time, but Matt and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, also get to spend quality time with his daughter. “My sweet and beautiful daughter Molly and her husband Joel. We had the best time ever visiting them and seeing their new home in Spokane… what a wonderful early Father’s Day blessing …,” Matt captioned this post. And another fan commented on this post, too. “Molly is absolutely beautiful, she has such a pretty smile! She seems really happy with Joel!”

A fan asked why she isn’t pictured in any of the recent family happenings

Since Matt and Amy both have a good relationship with Molly, fans are wondering why she hasn’t been at any of the recent major events. Not only was she seemingly not at Jeremy and Audrey’s gender reveal party for their second child, but it looks like Molly also didn’t attend Jacob’s fiancee’s bridal shower. Since Tori and Audrey were there, it would only seem fitting for Molly to be there, too.

“Sad not seeing Molly at these family avents [sic],” one of Amy’s followers commented on this Instagram photo of the bridal shower. And Amy actually took to the ‘gram to give her response. “I know. She is always missed but she’ll be at the wedding. She’s a working woman in Spokane.”

Perhaps Molly will appear in Jacob’s wedding photos, then — though we do know that Jacob won’t be filming his wedding for the show, so we won’t get the full Roloff nuptial experience. We’re hoping we get to see Molly either guest star on the show or appear in Instagram photos again soon!

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