‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Just Revealed She Has ‘Bad News’ on Instagram

The Roloffs are currently filming the next season of Little People, Big World, and we can’t wait to see what they’re up to after how explosive last season was. We can’t forget that Matt and Amy Roloff were at odds when it came to Roloff Farms. While they both lived on the property post-divorce, Amy finally decided she would sell her half to Matt and find a new place — and it looks like she’s still in that process.

Viewers saw Amy more upset than ever last season, but she recently gave fans news of her engagement to fiance Chris Marek, which certainly put her in high spirits. Unfortunately, she just mentioned that following the good news, there’s been some bad. Here’s what she just posted to Instagram that has fans concerned.

Amy Roloff just told fans she’s finally engaged

Amy’s been dating her now-fiance, Chris Marek, for three years, and fans have long wondered if Amy would remarry. She’s talked about the possibility in the past but never seemed too serious about the idea. Now, she just shocked fans with the news we’ve all been hoping for — and that’s that she will be tying the knot with Marek in the future.

“Guess what! I wanted to share with you- I’m engaged!” Amy captioned this post of her showing off her engagement ring. “I was so surprised when Chris asked me to marry him. I said YES.  I couldn’t be happier and so looking forward to this new part of our life journey together. I’m blessed. Love you Chris.”

Not only that, but Amy created yet another Instagram post of the news with a photo of her and Chris. “I never had a clue or expected it. Chris and I celebrated our 3rd year anniversary of dating last Wednesday. And to my wonderful happy surprise he proposed and asked me to marry him!” she captioned this post. “I couldn’t believe it it! I cried, he had tears and of course I said YES!”

She followed that up with some ‘bad news’ on another post

Fans haven’t seen Amy this excited in a long time, and we all can’t wait to hear more about her wedding as she plans for it. Sadly, it looks like her fantastic news was followed by an unfortunate incident. Amy posted a photo of her grandchildren, Jackson and Ember, and captioned the post, “It’s been a tough week after hearing sad news. But these two – my grand kids Jackson and Ember – always make me smile and melt my heart. Simply, Love them so much.”

Amy didn’t specify what the news was, and fans reacted in the comments section of the post. “I’m sorry you had some bad news. Hope everything is ok. Praying for you,” one fan commented. Another wrote, “Hearing sad news? What happened?” And others grew annoyed that Amy suggested bad news without explaining further. “Why say ‘sad news’ if your not going to say what the news is? For attention? So confusing!” another wrote.

Fans suspect the news is in regards to Amy’s mother

We don’t have any confirmation about the sad news yet from Amy, but her post suggests she may not be ready to talk about it and might address it in a later post. Even so, some fans responded to the many queries by claiming Amy’s mother passed away. On Amy’s Facebook page, many expressed their condolences for her loss.

Amy’s posted multiple times in the last year regarding her mother’s failing health. This Instagram post from June shows a photo of Amy’s parents, and she captioned it, “From Souix Falls SD to Going ‘home’ to see my parents. My mom isn’t doing so well and I need to see them. Every moment is precious the older I get and the older they get.” And since then, she’s also posted about surgeries her mother’s been through and her ups and downs with her health.

We’re hoping Amy’s surrounding herself with family and friends as she goes through this difficult time. And we know she has Marek by her side to help her, too.

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