‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Just Said She’s Avoiding ‘Confrontation’ on Roloff Farms After She Was Given an ‘Ultimatum’

It’s pumpkin season on Roloff Farms, which is the time of year when all of the Roloff family members we know and love from Little People, Big World get together to show fans around the farm. We’ve seen photos from Matt Roloff and his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, celebrating the season. And we’ve also seen Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, as well as Zach and his wife, Tori, advertising the farm on their Instagrams, too.

Amy Roloff once co-owned the farm with Matt during their marriage. But she officially sold her half to Matt and is preparing to move. Not only that, but she’s also mentioned she won’t be around as much for pumpkin season this year — and it appears a “confrontation” and “ultimatum” may be the reason why.

Matt and Amy Roloff have notoriously not gotten along recently

Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff appear on NBC News' 'Today' show
Amy Roloff and Matt Roloff appear on NBC News’ ‘Today’ show | Peter Kramer/NBCU Photo Bank/NBCUniversal via Getty Images via Getty Images

When LPBW first began, fans adored watching Matt and Amy Roloff take care of their farm and raise their four kids — but a lot has changed since then. Matt and Amy divorced years ago and have since moved on with new significant others. Amy just recently got engaged to her boyfriend, Chris Marek, and Matt’s been seeing Caryn Chandler for years. Unfortunately, there’s still a ton of tension on Roloff Farms, as Matt and Amy still reside on the property in different homes despite Amy selling her half to Matt.

Not only that, but there’s additional tension between Matt and Amy due to Matt’s girlfriend. Chandler worked on Roloff Farms for a decade before dating Matt, and Amy claimed in her memoir, A Little Me, that the two of them were exchanging inappropriate material during her marriage. “I saw messages, pictures, and other things that should not have been shared between people who just worked together and were still married to other people. I was devastated,” Amy wrote.

Amy also noted she isn’t on Roloff Farms much for pumpkin season

Since the release of Amy’s memoir, it seems she, Matt, and Chandler have attended events on Roloff Farms together, like Jeremy and Audrey’s baby shower. But when it comes to pumpkin season, Amy’s mentioned multiple times that she won’t be participating as much as usual this season. Part of the reason is certainly because of family matters, as Amy’s mother recently passed, but there are other aspects at play as well.

“Though I’m not a part of Pumpkin season as much as I want or can be this year, for various reason, I’ll always love seeing and meeting so many of you that come. I’ll share some stories of people I’ve met so far this year, stories shared that impacted me,” Amy captioned this post of her and Marek on the farm. And she’s since added a number of posts of her on the farm and noted in each caption that she won’t be around for pumpkin season very much, if at all.

She just told an Instagram follower about ‘confrontation’ on the farm

Since Amy keeps mentioning she won’t be around Roloff Farms, fans are questioning why. “Can you guys tell me why she’s not part of the pumpkin season?” one follower asked on this post. And Amy commented with, “just a lot going on and changes and choosing not to be involved in a confrontation.” Amy didn’t stop there, either. After that, she added, “just not as much this year. It’s changed for me now and because I choose not to be a part of a confrontation that could have impacted others from an ultimatum that was said to me if followed through.”

Amy didn’t elaborate on the “confrontation” or “ultimatum,” but we’re betting it has something to do with Matt. Not only that, but when another follower asked if Amy would be back for pumpkin season in future years, Amy replied, “if it continues I’m sure I will but limited, it’s changed for me.”

Fans are certainly sad to hear Amy won’t be on the farm as much, but we’re hoping she’s on to bigger and better things. She recently mentioned she found a new place to live — and with the happy news of her engagement, the future looks bright.

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