‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Just Showed Which of Her Kids Spent Thanksgiving With Her This Year

While fans are anxiously awaiting the next season of Little People, Big World, we’re all thankful that Matt and Amy Roloff have a strong social media presence. And Amy has been keeping her fans apprised with what’s going on in her life. From her recent engagement to her partner of three years, Chris Marek, to her mother’s passing, Amy shares the best and worst moments with her Instagram followers.

Now that Thanksgiving 2019 has passed, we’re getting all the Roloff updates on how the holiday went, too. And Amy wrote a long post about what she’s thankful for along with photos from the big day. While most of her kids were in attendance, not everyone was there, however. Here’s who made it and who was missing.

Amy Roloff wrote all about Thanksgiving on her Instagram

Thanksgiving is a favorite holiday for many, and it seems Amy adores it as well. The mom of four has shared good news with her followers, like her engagement and the news that she found a new home. But she certainly hasn’t had the easiest year. From her mother’s death to controversies over her memoir, A Little Me, to constant media scrutiny over how she and ex-husband Matt feel about each other, Amy’s 2019 appears quite stressful.

Even so, she just wrote about all that she’s thankful for on Instagram. “What a special time it was to spend with some of my kids and Chris when he was able to come over on Saturday. I was reminded how blessed and thankful I am and everyday,” she wrote. “Near or far, family and friends, it truly was a time just being thankful for the moment and time I had with those I love.”

As for the photos Amy shared, they featured her along with her family hanging out at home on the Roloff Farms property. And we also got to see a few sweet photos of Zach and Tori’s newborn baby girl.

One of Matt and Amy’s kids didn’t attend her celebration

The Roloffs are quite close even though only Zach Roloff and his wife, Tori, are regulars on LPBW aside from Matt and Amy. Fans of the show may remember when Jacob, the youngest of Matt and Amy’s kids, decided to leave the show and write about his departure on Instagram. And both Jeremy and Molly also decided to part ways with production and only come on set for special occasions.

Despite the Roloff family’s varying degrees of participation in the show that put them on the map in the first place, fans love seeing when the family’s together. While it’s usually Molly who’s missing from family events due to her living further away in Washington, it seems she actually made it this year. To everyone’s surprise, it was Jeremy and his wife, Audrey, who skipped out.

“Jeremy, Audrey and Ember spent thanksgiving with Audrey’s family in Bend,” Amy wrote on her Thanksgiving Instagram post.

Jeremy and Audrey added their own posts to Instagram about their holiday travels, too. “Despite the 8 hour car ride in the snow (should have been⁣
4 hours) with a toddler who needed lots of potty stops + getting pulled over for speeding 5 minutes after taking the chains off our car… LOL we are thankful to report we made it to central Oregon’s winter wonderland safely,” Audrey wrote on her post of her, Jeremy, and their daughter, Ember.

Matt Roloff went traveling for the holiday

While Amy had most of her kids with her for Thanksgiving, it looks like Matt was out of Oregon completely. He wrote on Instagram that he was celebrating the holiday in Cabo San Lucas “enjoying some serious warm sunshine with my travel buddy Ty.” Matt also added that his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, was in Arizona with her family for Thanksgiving, so it looks like he took some time to himself.

Matt’s followers love that he took the opportunity to travel, too. And from the looks of it, it seems both Matt and Amy had wonderful holidays filled with peace and many thanks. Now, we’ll have to wait and see what they do for Christmas.

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