‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Mentioned She Was ‘Shocked’ When Another Adult Did This to Her

Little People, Big World has been on the air for nearly a decade and a half. And fans are ultra-invested in what the Roloffs are up to. This past season, we saw Matt and Amy Roloff struggle to come to terms with what to do with Roloff Farms. And while Amy eventually made the best decision for herself and sold her half of the farm to Matt, she got quite candid with the camera about her struggles. After the season finished, she got even more honest about her life in her memoir, A Little Me.

Amy also takes her knowledge and opinions to social media, too. And she recently had a discussion on Facebook Live where she detailed an interaction with an adult that “shocked” her. Here’s what happened.

Amy discussed her issues with body image before

Amy Roloff
Amy Roloff | David Livingston/Getty Images

Amy has achondroplasia, a type of dwarfism characterized by short limbs and an enlarged head. And while she seems confident in who she is on the show, she revealed in her memoir that she still struggles with her body image. Radar Online reports Amy wrote in A Little Me, “I still sometimes struggle with body image, especially as I get older. When my body started to go south, I’ll admit, I thought about getting some sort of plastic surgery to give the old body a little lift.”

Amy also added that since she’s been on reality TV for over a decade, she’s seen so many other celebrities go down the route of plastic surgery, too — and this may have influenced her thinking. “After doing reality television for fifteen years and seeing so many women having it done, I guess it’s no surprise that it crept into my mind,” she wrote.

Amy decided against surgery in the end, however. She felt it may lead to a dark path of never being satisfied with who she is. “We are inundated with countless images suggesting that we need to change this or that to look better, more beautiful, and to get more out of life,” she continued. “I’m defying those odds because I believe I already have all that without changing my body.”

Amy Roloff dealt with intense bullying in her past

Amy also got real in her memoir about the bullying she experienced as a child. In A Little Me, she gives her first-hand account of a boy relentlessly ridiculing her in junior high. She explained that the boy would use language that was “cruder, meaner, and sexual in nature.” And he would attack her just to scare her when she walked home from school. Amy had to seek help from her brother when the bully chased her into the driveway of her home, too. From there, a fight ensued.

“They started to fight, punching each other in our driveway. My brother had a bloody nose and was hurting, but he was okay,” Amy described in her book. “Afterward, whenever I walked home from school, I kept looking over my shoulder to see if anyone was following me, but no one ever was. I never was bothered by or saw that boy again.”

She told Facebook Live that another adult picked her up at a party

From bullying to body image difficulties, Amy’s been through a lot. And even in her adult years, she’s shocked by the behavior of others around her. In her Facebook Live video, she recounts one such instance that left her astonished. She explained that while she was at a dinner party last year, a person whom she doesn’t know lifted her off the ground. This, of course, was performed without her consent.

“I get it that some people may be surprised when they see me,” Amy said. “But when you have another adult pick you up like a kid … I was shocked. Because I thought, in a split second, everything depends on how I respond to this.” Amy also noted that this instance made her reflect on some of the difficulties of her childhood — though now she’s learned that when negative feelings do arise, she has to talk them out with others.

We’re hoping Amy hasn’t experienced a situation like this since. And fans hope she feels comfortable sharing more of her stories in the future, too!

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