‘LPBW’: Amy Roloff Said She’s Not Buying a House With Her Boyfriend, Chris Marek

We’ve been watching the Roloff family for years on Little People, Big World, and life has majorly changed for Amy Roloff since the beginning. While we remember back when she was married to Matt Roloff and taking care of her four young kids, everyone’s all grown up now — and Matt and Amy have since struggled with what to do with their home since their divorce.

At the end of the last season of the show, Amy made the decision to sell her half of Roloff Farms to Matt. And while this has many thinking she and her boyfriend, Chris Marek, will get a home together, Amy recently said she’s looking to buy a house all by herself.

Amy Roloff is currently looking for a new home to move in to

Matt and Amy Roloff
Matt and Amy Roloff | Thos Robinson/Getty Images for Discovery

The decision to sell her half of Roloff Farms was huge for Amy, as she’d been on the farm throughout most of her marriage. Unfortunately, after the divorce, she realized the farm was only working because both she and Matt were a team making it all happen. Now, as a divorced woman, she’s ready to move on to a new life, though the transition certainly won’t be easy.

Amy took to Facebook Live to tell her fans that the earliest she’ll be moving out is November 2019, as she wants to stay on the farm for Jacob Roloff’s wedding. But she’s currently in the process of looking at homes, too. “I’ve learned over time, don’t look at the paint, the carpet, or any of that stuff — but how does the house make you feel?” Amy said in her video. “I want this house to say, ‘You know what, Amy? This could be your house. … Because I then want to look at it, ‘I think I can make this into my home.'” Amy then added that she has one house, in particular, that she’s been keeping her eye on in the neighborhood, too.

She’s been dating her boyfriend, Chris Marek, for years

While Amy is making huge strides for herself, there’s also another person she has to consider here — and that’s her boyfriend, Chris Marek. Amy and Marek have been together for almost three years, and they seem like the perfect match. They originally met each other at a singles’ paint and sip mixer and then saw each other again at a pool party. Once Marek invited Amy for a motorcycle ride, she knew this was someone she could see herself with long-term.

“I want to get to know him. I find him attractive, I find him interesting, and I would hope that, you know, maybe he finds, you know, that in me a little bit,” Amy said early on in their relationship. We know Marek adores Amy, too, and she even recently went to visit his family as evidenced on Instagram. As for what the future holds, Amy said in her Facebook Live video that she doesn’t want to get remarried to Marek, but fans suspect wedding bells will definitely ring in the future.

Amy said that she’s not buying a home with Chris Marek

With Marek still in the picture and a new home on the horizon, many may assume Amy and her boyfriend would purchase a house together. Such is not the case, however. As Amy explained on her Facebook Live video, “Yes, this will be my home. It’s using my resources. And if, you know, whatever happens to Chris and we do get married or whatever it is, then, you know, he and I will work those things out at the time.” Chris also has a home of his own and is seemingly totally supportive of Amy living her own independent lifestyle.

Amy also added that Chris is her realtor, however, so he is somewhat involved in the process. “He is helping me find this house which I am so, so thankful and very, very appreciative of,” she laughed. “He’s not putting pressure on me.”

We’re looking forward to Amy finding her new place and creating an exciting life for herself.

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