‘LPBW’: Audrey Roloff Just Explained Who Her ‘God Squad’ Is on Instagram

Fans of Little People, Big World have been watching the show since it began over a decade ago — and a lot has changed since the beginning. We remember when Matt and Amy Roloff were still married, for one. And we also recall when their four kids were all still featured on the show, too. Now, we know Jeremy Roloff and his wife, Audrey, have chosen to take a step back from the reality TV spotlight to pursue other ventures. And many of these projects are deeply steeped in religion.

Audrey has been quite outspoken regarding her religious beliefs in the past. And she even wrote about her “God squad” on Instagram recently. Here’s what she posted.

Audrey and Jeremy Roloff have an ultra-religious marriage

There’s no doubt the Roloffs are relatively religious (except for Jacob, who has denounced Christianity publicly in the past). But it seems Jeremy and Audrey have taken their beliefs to the next level. Not only do they often talk about how God and their Christian faith have impacted their lives and their marriage, but their marriage blog, Beating 50 Percent, is also all about how they incorporate God into their lives to thrive in their love life. Audrey and Jeremy even have products, like The Marriage Journal, that they created for couples aiming to get closer to God.

As the couple wrote on their website, “We cannot deny our Lord Jesus Christ. Our writings will be inspired from our faith and our belief that life has a purpose, humanity is aware of that purpose, and it is our job to live out that purpose.” Jeremy and Audrey even wrote a blog post about the “most intimate thing you’ll ever do” — and it was all about how they read each other their wedding vows while in the bedroom.

Audrey just explained who the ‘God Squad’ is in her life

While Jeremy seemed to have grown closer with his Christian faith since being with Audrey, religion has seemingly always been a huge part of Audrey’s life. She recently posted a photo to her Instagram of who she calls her “God Squad,” too. “I’ve been friends with these girls for 23 YEARS!” she started her post. “We met in kindergarten, our parents became friends, and we all grew up in the same neighborhood.” She then went on to explain that these were the friends who helped her the most through breakups and sorrows. And they also stood by her side on her wedding day and were around when her daughter, Ember, was born.

They’re called the “God Squad” because of their undying love of their beliefs, of course. And Audrey makes a point to say that without their mutual honoring of Christianity, she doesn’t think their friendship would’ve lasted as long. “So many of you messaged me after my insta stories today and asked HOW we stayed friends throughout all these years. The simple answer? Jesus,” Audrey wrote. “We learned to be follow Jesus together and loved each other with the same truth, grace, and compassion that Jesus loves us.”

Fans seem supportive of her religious friend group

Not everyone who watches LPBW is a fan of Audrey, as she’s made plenty of controversial statements that have turned heads. And she’s also been criticized for some of her religious views, as she notably doesn’t support same-sex marriage. Even so, it seems fans are loving her “God Squad” and everything they stand for on Instagram.

“Wow. How amazing! Not many people are blessed with such longstanding friends,” one Instagram user commented. And another added, “This is what I pray for… that my children would have steadfast, God fearing, encouraging friends their whole life.” And another fan commented, “Having so many friends for that long is definitely rare and you are so blessed girl!!”

Fans may hear more about the God Squad in the future, too, as Audrey noted she may bring them on to her podcast. We’re looking forward to it! 

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