‘LPBW’: Audrey Roloff’s Latest Dating Advice Sparks Controversy Among Fans

Last week, Little People, Big World star Audrey Roloff shared some dating advice on Instagram that sparked a debate in the comments.

Audrey Roloff | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images
Audrey Roloff | Tibrina Hobson/Getty Images

Audrey Roloff’s Instagram post that sparked debate

She posted a photo of her and her husband, Jeremy Roloff, looking longingly into each other’s eyes with a beautiful backdrop behind them.

She adressed the caption to her single women followers.

“SINGLE LADIES📢To all my girls out there that are “hanging out” with a guy that you’re just not sure about… (volume ⬆️) You can’t help who you fall in love with, but you CAN help who you spend time with,” she captioned the photo.

Audrey continued: ⁣”Be careful spending too much time with someone you don’t see yourself marrying because you just might fall in love with them…. And falling in love with someone you don’t see yourself marrying only ends in hurt. Guard your heart so that you can give it undividedly to your future husband. You would want him to do the same for you💗#ALoveLetterLife

The fan reaction

The post did receive some supportive comments:

“Such a big life lesson! This could save so much heart ache,” wrote one fan.

“I needed to hear this today💕” commented another.

“This is SO good!!!!!!” commented another fan.

But some Instagram users didn’t agree with Audrey’s sentiment.

“This is weird advice. Falling in love multiple times is a wonderful part of life,” commented one person.

“I’m just falling in love with the same person over and over again 😉💗” responded Audrey.

The comment started a bit of a debate.

“I agree I never would have appreciated my relationship without the trials of love in life. Shaped me to have more understanding of myself,” one person wrote, agreeing that Audrey’s post contains “weird advice.”

“it’s actually not that weird of advice when ladies wonder why they are constantly getting their hearts broken..” responded another, agreeing with Audrey’s point.

Another person responded to the post:

“This kind of advice is based on the antiquated idea that women are not pure or are somehow damaged after they have been with or ‘loved’ someone. It’s super regressive. You can love, get hurt, learn and be a better person for the one you chose to marry.”

“woah. Definitely don’t think those women are somehow damaged or not pure. That is not what I’m saying,” responded Audrey.

“think what she said is valid and what you said is valid too. I think she’s just trying to keep people from getting unnecessarily hurt. And to your point, if they do…we can learn from it and try to do better for ourselves next time around,” another fan responded to the debate.

Since Audrey’s dating advice post, the former Little People, Big World star has gone back to posting about all-things fall.

“Warning: majority of my photos the next few weeks will be showing off the glory of the Pacific Northwest in a October,” she wrote in a recent post.

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