‘LPBW’: Caryn Chandler Is Showing Just How Excited She Is to Be the Step-Grandma to More Roloff Grandchildren

Fans of Little People, Big World certainly remember when Matt and Amy Roloff were happily married, but a lot has changed since then. Today, the exes are (still) figuring out how to move on from their divorce amicably. And while this past season showed Matt and Amy struggling with what to do with their living situation on Roloff Farms, there was an elephant in the room that couldn’t be avoided. And that’s Matt’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Amy’s made it known that she’s not comfortable around Chandler on the show. And she also wrote scathing details about Matt’s relationship in her recent memoir, leaving fans divided on how they feel about Chandler. Even so, Chandler’s around the Roloff family all the time — and she’s even gotten quite close to the grandkids in the family. With even more Roloff babies on the way, Matt’s girlfriend is also expressing just how excited she is for even more step-grandchildren to be around.

Caryn Chandler loves spending time with Matt Roloff’s grandkids

Caryn Chandler has kids of her own, but she seems just as close with Matt’s children and grandchildren, too. Matt’s Instagram features many videos of his girlfriend playing with Jackson, Tori and Zach’s son, and Ember, Jeremy and Audrey’s daughter. This recent video shows Chandler playing with Jackson as he uses his child-sized slide on the farm property — and Jackson even has his own nickname for his step-grandmother, which is totally adorable. And this Instagram photo shows Chandler playing with Jackson and Ember together.

Not only does Matt feature Chandler playing with the kids on his social media, but Chandler also makes her own posts to show her love. This sweet photo posted by Chandler shows her spending quality time with Jackson and Ember, too. And she also mentioned that her “heart melts” when she hangs out with Jackson in another Instagram photo.

She’s seen jumping for joy at Jeremy and Audrey Roloff’s gender reveal party

It’s an exciting (and hectic) time for the Roloff family. Not only is Jacob set to wed his fiancee in September, but Zach and Tori, as well as Jeremy and Audrey, are expecting children. Recently, Matt posted a video of Jeremy and Audrey’s gender reveal party that they had at the farm. And while everyone’s extremely excited for the couple, Chandler certainly wasn’t shy about showing her enthusiasm. She’s heard screaming “Yes!” and “I knew it!” while clapping next to Matt.

Fans love excited Chandler appeared in the video, too. “I adore caryn!! Listening to her be so excited is truly the best!!! Congrats again,” one of Matt’s followers commented. Another wrote, “I loved Caryns reaction also It seems she and Audrey are really close.”

Fans love how involved Chandler is with the kids

Aside from Chandler’s priceless screaming in Matt’s recent video, LPBW fans also appear to be ultra-supportive of Chandler spending quality time with the kids. In the clip of Chandler playing with Jackson, one fan commented, “Love it, Caryn has a special grandma place in Jackson’s heart you can tell.” And on the photo of Chandler with Jackson and Ember, a follower wrote, “Caryn is wonderful with Ember and Jackson. You and Caryn make a good team.” A few others seemed to comment that Chandler’s presence makes Matt an even better grandfather than he otherwise would’ve been, too.

While Amy’s certainly had her reservations about Chandler in the past (and perhaps she still does now), we’re sure the grandma is happy her grandchildren have a good relationship with Matt’s girlfriend. And Amy still gets plenty of quality time with her kids and the grandbabies, too, as she posts her family time on her own Instagram. Now, LPBW fans will have to anxiously await the arrival of Jeremy and Zach’s second babies!

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