‘LPBW’: Caryn Chandler Just Posted About Her Day She Spent With Matt and Amy Roloff’s Grandchildren

The latest season of Little People, Big World may be over, but fans can keep up with the Roloffs via Instagram. And thanks to Tori and Audrey Roloff’s social media pages, we know they’re both pregnant — and Tori’s expecting a baby girl this November. The entire Roloff family is extremely excited for more children, and we can’t forget that Matt Roloff’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, is also ecstatic to be the step-grandma to the Roloff babies.

Amy Roloff recently exposed Caryn Chandler in her memoir, A Little Me, by claiming Chandler had a relationship with Matt before the divorce. And Amy’s also mentioned in the past how uncomfortable Chandler makes her at family events. Even with the controversy, it looks like Chandler is spending tons of quality time with Matt and Amy’s grandkids. And she recently took Jackson and Ember out for a trip to the zoo.

Caryn Chandler is proving she’s ultra-close to the Roloff grandkids

Amy Roloff recently announced her engagement to Chris Marek — but it’s Matt Roloff’s girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, who seems particularly close with the Roloff kids and grandkids. Chandler frequently posts photos with Jeremy and Audrey’s daughter, Ember, as well as Zach and Tori’s son, Jackson. And she’s already expressing just how excited she is for both families to have even more children soon.

Jackson and Ember seem to love Chandler, too. They both call her “Cha Cha,” which has been caught in multiple videos and posted to the ‘gram. Matt also frequently features his girlfriend playing with his grandchildren in his own Instagram photos and videos. He recently posted this sweet photo featuring him, Chandler, and Ember celebrating Ember’s birthday. And he also added this video of Jeremy and Audrey’s gender reveal party showing Chandler jumping for joy at the news that the couple’s having a baby boy.

She just posted about the day she spent with the children at the zoo

Chandler’s Instagram is full of photos of her and Matt as well as her and her own kids, but she also posts her step-grandchildren, too. Recently, she added this sweet photo of her and Matt all bundled up with Jackson and Ember. “A ‘chilly’ fall day couldn’t keep us away ! Matt & I had such a great zoo day today with these 2 cuties !” she captioned her post. And she also added sweet video clips of her with the kids at the Oregon Zoo to her Instagram Story.

Not only did Chandler post about her trip to the zoo, but Matt did as well. “Grandpa and Cha Cha @carynchandler1 hit the jackpot today! We got to take Jackson and Ember to the Zoo. Oh wow.. what fun we had,” he captioned the post. And he also added multiple clips of Chandler with the two grandkids on his own Instagram Story. While the children appeared chilled from the weather before entering the zoo, they’re later seen running around to see the animals and clearly having a great time.

Fans love how much Chandler adores Matt and Amy’s kids

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Wait for it… Jackson’s happy dance..

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We remember when Amy had issues with Chandler showing up to Tori’s baby shower back when Tori was pregnant with Jackson. While Amy may have thought it was too early for Chandler to be involving herself in personal family events, it’s clear Matt’s girlfriend is here to stay. And while plenty of LPBW fans are on Amy’s side when it comes to their opinion of Chandler, others love how close she is with the grandbabies.

On Chandler’s recent photo at the zoo, a fan commented, “They’re blessed to have you in their lives. You can see them light up around you and Matt.” Another wrote, “Soooo sweet.You make the family Caryn. So glad you and Matt are together. Such a great thing. ChaCha and grandpa forever !!!” On Matt’s Instagram photo of the same event, yet another fan wrote, “You are all are great hands on grandparents!! So important.”

We’re sure this is far from the last we’ll see of Chandler hanging out with the young Roloffs. And we can’t wait to see her with the additional grandbabies once they’re born, too!

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