‘LPBW’ Fans Are Calling Out Matt Roloff for Photoshopping an Instagram Post of Him and Caryn Chandler

Little People, Big World is currently filming for a new season, but fans can keep up with the Roloffs on Instagram in the meantime. Amy Roloff is the one family member with the biggest news right now, as she just bought a home and accepted Chris Marek’s wedding proposal in September. But her ex-husband, Matt, is up to a lot as well. It seems he’s currently taking a break from Roloff Farms and enjoying the sunny Arizona weather with girlfriend Caryn Chandler.

Matt recently posted a sweet photo of him with Chandler, but fans noticed something seriously off. Here’s why everyone assumes the odd photo’s been doctored.

Pumpkin season is officially over on Roloff Farms

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‘Tis Pumpkin Season !!

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If there’s any location that LPBW has made famous, it’s Roloff Farms. Matt and Amy lived on the farm together during their marriage, and they both ran the farm while also living on it. Now, a lot has changed since then. While Matt and Amy still both reside on the farm property in different homes and help out with pumpkin season, the farm’s most lucrative time of year, Amy noted she wouldn’t be helping out as much due to tensions on the property.

We’re not sure exactly what was occurring for Amy on the farm this season, but she did manage to make a few appearances for her fans. But now the October season is over, and Matt, who seemingly did most of the work in preparation for the season, can relax.

And, while Matt may have taken on the bulk of the work, he also had his girlfriend, Caryn Chandler, by his side. Chandler worked on Roloff Farms prior to dating Matt and was instrumental in getting pumpkin season to run smoothly in the past. We’re sure she was a big help in opening and closing down the season.

Matt Roloff and Caryn Chandler went to Arizona after the season’s end

Right after pumpkin season’s end, it looks like Matt and Chandler wasted no time before leaving the state of Oregon and heading for warmer climates. Matt has a home in Surprise, Arizona, that was originally owned by Chandler’s parents prior to them signing it over to Matt. And fans frequently see Matt and his girlfriend heading out to Arizona to enjoy the sunshine via Instagram.

Recently, the happy couple posted about their recent trip to their second home. “A soon as we wrapped up an awesome Pumpkin Season 2019 … Caryn and I were excited to get in some warm weather time down at our Arizona home,” Matt captioned a post of him and his sister who was passing through the state.

Chandler posted her own photo, too. “Heading to our first mad hatter party… Arizona style !!” she captioned her post.

Fans think Matt photoshopped this photo of him and Chandler

Matt posted a sweet photo of him and Chandler wearing funky hats to the party Chandler referenced in her own post about their Arizona trip. “Caryn and I were invited to a Neighborhood party tonight at the home of our friends Jeff and Sandy,” he wrote. “Only condition.. you had to wear a hat! Hat So much fun!”

Something was off about the photo, however. There appear to be floating hands on Chandler and Matt’s shoulders — and fans noticed.

“Those extra hands on your shoulders is just creepy! Lolol!” one follower commented. Another wrote, “looks like it was two different pictures that were edited together.” Yet another added, “Maybe it’s the way Instagram crops the picture… anyone notice the extra hands.” Another wrote, “You have ghost hands on your shoulders…must be a photo shopped pic.”

We’re not sure what’s going on with the photo, but we doubt Matt actually took the time to photoshop it. It looks like it was a poorly-cropped photo that left the floating hands. More importantly, Matt and Chandler appear to be having a great time in Arizona together!

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