‘LPBW’ Fans Are Changing Their Tune About Chris Marek After He Proposed to Amy Roloff

Little People, Big World fans have been wondering for years if Amy Roloff was going to get remarried. And while her stance on tying the knot again has shifted dramatically over the years, long-time viewers still weren’t sure if she’d ever make that commitment again after what happened with Matt Roloff. As viewers know, Amy and Matt divorced years ago and still reside together on Roloff Farms. And in Amy’s recent memoir, A Little Me, she detailed how hurt she was by the split since Matt allegedly was cheating on her with his current girlfriend, Caryn Chandler.

Now, Amy has exciting news — she’s engaged. And while fans haven’t always liked her fiance, Chris Marek, it seems they may be coming around to him now. Here’s what they’re saying.

Chris Marek just proposed to Amy Roloff

Fans have been speculating for multiple seasons of the show that Amy Roloff and Chris Marek may tie the knot, as they’ve been together for over three years now. And we remember when Amy said she’d most likely never date after splitting from Matt, too. Back in 2015, Amy said in regards to dating, “That ain’t happenin’. Not on the radar right now.” She then added that she really didn’t think anyone would be interested in her anyway.

After she met Marek, however, everything changed. They went on a motorcycle date together, and now several years later, they’re engaged. As Amy posted to Instagram, “Guess what! I wanted to share with you- I’m engaged! I was so surprised when Chris asked me to marry him. I said YES. I couldn’t be happier and so looking forward to this new part of our life journey together. I’m blessed. Love you Chris.”

Fans have criticized Marek in the past

Despite Amy’s happiness while around Marek, fans haven’t always been supportive of their relationship. On one episode of LPBW, Marek showed he was upset with Amy when she and her friends failed to meet up with him at their vacation home at the time they mentioned. Amy didn’t think her lack of punctuality would be a big deal — but Marek took it seriously. As Amy told the cameras, “I messed up. I felt bad about that.”

Fans didn’t think Marek should’ve been as upset as he was, and fans took to Instagram to warn Amy that she may be seeing some serious red flags. “Amy, you can do better than Chris. Alone would be better than having to gravel and beg for his mercy because you were late,” one of her followers commented on this Instagram photo of her. Another added, “Run….fast! If Chris got that upset and pouted like a 3yr old over a simple mistake…not good!”

Now, fans seem to be supportive of Amy and her soon-to-be husband

Despite the criticism of the past, there’s no doubt Amy’s followers want her to be happy above everything else. And since she appears to be overjoyed now that she’s engaged, fans seem to be changing their negative stance on Marek as well. On her Instagram photo celebrating her engagement, her followers took to the comments to tell Amy how they’re feeling about her future marriage.

“That is absolutely wonderful. You deserve some long over due happiness. Congratulations,” one of her followers wrote. Another added, “I don’t even know you but have fallen in love with your family and I’m so happy to see God bring restoration and the blessing of Chris’ partnership in your life!!” Yet another wrote, “Amy, I am so happy for you. Now you can really start a new adventure. Have a great and happy life together. You have a second chance in life.”

Will Amy get married on Roloff Farms — and more importantly, will she find a new home with Marek now that she sold her half of Roloff Farms to Matt? We’ll have to wait and see

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