‘LPBW’: Fans Are Slamming Amy Roloff for Posting a Photo That Promotes the Salvation Army

We may have to wait until 2020 for new Little People, Big World to air, but we’re all seriously invested in what the Roloffs are up to in the meantime. And a ton occurred over 2019 for Amy Roloff.

On the show, we saw her navigate life on Roloff Farms with ex-husband Matt, though we know she finally made the choice to move off of the farm and find her own place. Not only that, but her partner of three years proposed to her, so she’s busy planning a wedding.

Now that it’s the holiday season, Amy is promoting her own charity, too. But the photo she posted to Instagram seems to miss the mark, as it features the Salvation Army. Here’s what her fans had to say about it.

Amy Roloff’s fans think she looks great heading into the holidays

For all of Amy’s highs and lows, she’s certainly holding her head high as 2019 comes to a close. This past season of LPBW, we saw Amy struggle with making a decision regarding her living situation on Roloff Farms. And now that she decided to move away from Matt and into her own place off the property she knows and loves, she found a new place with the help of her realtor fiancé.

Not only did Amy find a place to call home just 15 minutes from Roloff Farms for $558,500, but she’s also enjoying her newborn grandchild. Tori and Zach Roloff welcomed their little girl, Lilah Ray, into the world on Nov. 19, which is definitely putting a smile on Amy’s face.

Now that the holidays are approaching, everyone’s noticing how Amy looks like she’s glowing, too.

“Beautiful pic Amy, you look fabulous,” one follower commented on Amy’s photo she posted of herself in early December.

“Really nice to see you smiling so much lately. I think you are now in a good place in your life,” another wrote.

She’s promoting her charity on Instagram

Amy’s already getting in the holiday spirit by showing off her seasonal products for her company, Amy Roloff’s Little Kitchen. She shared a photo of her seasonal fudge flavors on Instagram and posted a note about purchasing her autographed book and “Gather” gear as well.

Not only does Amy have her baking business, but it turns out she also has her own charity foundation — and she’s sharing the news with her Instagram followers.

“Doing Christmas shopping on Amazon? Add Amy Roloff Charity Foundation (ARCF) as your Amazon Smile charity!” she captioned her post. “Amazon donates a portion of purchase prices on everyday items (at no cost to you) just for designating ARFC as your charity of choice.”

Fans are attacking her photo featuring the Salvation Army

Amy’s post on Instagram might be all about her own charity, but the photo features her alongside the Salvation Army — and it’s rubbing fans the wrong way. The organization is an evangelical part of the Christian church. And according to Medium, the scripture they support opposes same-sex rights.

While Amy doesn’t often talk about being deeply religious, we know her son, Jeremy, and his wife, Audrey, have a covenant marriage and multiple businesses dedicated to living a Christian lifestyle. Given Amy’s photo, we can tell she also has similar views.

Unfortunately, Amy’s fans didn’t take well to the image.

“This is disappointing. The Salvation Army should not be supported,” one follower commented.

Another wrote, “You lost me at salvation army!! Ugh! Do your research People!”

Yet another commented, “The Salvation Army is a terrible company to support/promote. I hope you do your research and find a better organization to share your time and money with.”

We’re not sure if Amy will make any comments regarding her support for the Salvation Army. So far, it looks like she might just sweep this one under the rug!

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