‘LPBW’ Fans Are Upset That Amy Roloff Keeps Talking About Not Being a Part of Roloff Farms Pumpkin Season

Pumpkin season is well underway at Roloff Farms, and Little People, Big World fans couldn’t be more excited. Matt and Amy Roloff are the owners of the farm, and while they once ran their most lucrative season together as a couple, they appear to be at odds since the divorce. While Matt is still playing a major role in making sure pumpkin season runs smoothly, it appears Amy is taking a step back.

Amy’s posted multiple times on Instagram about the events on Roloff Farms, and she’s also mentioned how she won’t be on the farm as much this season as she’d like to be. Fans are surprised by this news, however, and have taken to Instagram to express their sadness.

Amy Roloff stated she won’t play as big of a role in Roloff Farms pumpkin season this year

From selling her half of Roloff Farms to Matt to dealing with family matters back in Michigan, Amy has a lot going on in her life. And back on Oct. 7, Amy gave her first clue to her Instagram followers that she wouldn’t be as present on the farm during its big season this year. She posted a photo of herself with her fiance, Chris Marek, on Roloff Farms in front of the pumpkin patch sign.

“Many of you inspire me and I so appreciate you coming to the farm. It’s a unique place. It has impacted my life and gave me the gift of raising my kids here for through out their growing up years. I’m glad we are able to share it w/ you,” Amy captioned the post. And before that, she explained that she wouldn’t be as present on the farm as usual.

“Though I’m not a part of Pumpkin season as much as I want or can be this year, for various reason, I’ll always love seeing and meeting so many of you that come. I’ll share some stories of people I’ve met so far this year, stories shared that impacted me,” Amy wrote.

She just posted about not being on the farm as much once again

It was easy to miss Amy’s first announcement that she wouldn’t be on the farm as much this season, but she mentioned it once again in a recent post. Amy added a photo of herself with a college student who visited the farm and was once in her preschool class. “She is amazing, is in college now and I’m so happy I got to see her again. Perhaps I made a little impact in her life. Either way, she is doing great. Where did the time go?” Amy captioned the post.

After the bit about the student she met up with, Amy then added, “I was reminded that I still miss teaching to this day and because I’m not really a part of pumpkin season as much this year I MISS Meeting So Many of YOU!”

It seems Amy’s post prior to this one may explain a bit more about why she’s missing so much of pumpkin season, too. As we know, Amy’s mother recently passed away, and she wrote that she’s going back home to Michigan to be with her dad during this difficult time.

Fans are upset that Amy won’t be on Roloff Farms as much

Matt and Amy Roloff
Matt and Amy Roloff | Stacie McChesney/NBCU Photo Bank

Not only is Amy dealing with family matters, but she’s also working on moving and planning her wedding to Chris Marek. While her absence on the farm is explainable, her fans are still upset they may be missing her if they visit.

“Why aren’t you part of pumpkin season this year? I know emotionally it’s got to be hard, but you are what made Roloff Farm, Roloff Farm!” a fan commented on the photo of Amy and the college student. Another added, “Hate to hear you arent going to be a part of pumpkin season. Inspite of things you were a major factor of its success throughout the years. People love you Amy.” Yet another wrote, “I hope you’re not completely walking away from the farm! YOU and Matt made that farm and it is as much a part of you as you are of it!”

It looks like Amy will still be on the farm sometimes, however — and we’re excited to hear more about her life when the new season of Little People, Big World airs next year!

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